Thursday, July 23, 2009


I get bored too easily, so I changed my blog name. One of these days, I'll make a cute header that reflects who I am, but until then, it's just plain and boring. I have acquired a header!!! Tell me what you think of it!!

(*EDITED*)I guess I should probably explain how I got the title! There's a song that Lonestar sings and it's called Unusually Unusual.. It's amazing! These are just the first few lines of the song:

She introduced herself as Amy, said call me Caroline for short
She said "I just moved in three doors down so I wouldn't be the girl next door"
And I knew the shoes she wasn't wearing fit her just right
She said, "Hey, man did you know that somebody left your grass out in the yard all night?"
She's unusually unusual
Absolutely unpredictable
She's so different and that's what's wonderful
She's unusually unusual
And that's beautiful to me

Jon used to say this song reminded him of me, and the more I thought about it, I took it as a huge compliment!! And I agreed with him. I'm glad I'm random and crazy and maybe a little bit odd.. It keeps life interesting! And as Mark told me last night.. "If I fell asleep and was having a dream, IN that dream I'd be having another dream.. And you know those little thought bubbles that pops up when someone's thinking something? Your picture would be inside that thought bubble in the dream of a dream. That's how interesting you are." Haha, so there it is. I am Unusually Unusual, and now my blog is, too!! (:

(Really though.. go back to my very first blog post about the bathroom, and tell me I'm not a little bit crazy..)

I also decided that I would be the worst person to get a tattoo.. You can't just change those, or take them off real quick. My indecisive brain would have a hay-day if I ever did that to my body.
Anyways, I'll stop before I ramble any longer. Enjoy the new name.


  1. WHOA!!! Cute title and art never cease to amaze me Shyn!! I love random girl you!!

  2. The name fits PERFECTLY dear!! You are so random...but that's what we love about you!! Love your ROCK!!
    I love you!! I'm comin to see you!!!!! YAY!!