Thursday, July 23, 2009

We have a song (:

(And this is a random post once again, btw)

Mark came over last night and we were just goofing off, listening to music, telling stories and what not, when he just stopped, looked at me and said "So, maybe I'm jumping to conclusions, but I think we have a song!" Random, and completely unexpected. So I said, "A song, huh?" Mark: "Yes! It's by The Fray.. One of their new ones.." Me: "The 'Don't Let Me Go' one?" Mark: "Yes! That's it! I was listening to it, and thought of when we were at the concert and we both really enjoyed it and were singing to it, and it just feels like it should be our song."

And that's how it happened! It's really not a big deal, but it was cute. I remember back in the day when that was THE THING to do when you had a new boyfriend, and once that was decided, you were an official couple... Not that that means that he and I are official now, I'm just reminiscing <3

([The picture is of Mark and I playing with sparklers! Thanks Lindsey, for taking the picture!])

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