Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bathroom Talk

So, interesting fact that I realized today: Not only do people love me, BATHROOMS DO TOO! "That is just strange.." you may be saying to yourself, but let me just explain. For lunch today, like almost every other day, I brought a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and a slice of some delicious chocolate cake that I made earlier this week at the request of my lovely Sisty. Now, when I eat cake, for some strange reason, my hands always choose to get frosting on them. So after inhaling my delectable dessert, I made a trip to the bathroom to wash my hands. What's the first thing you normally do after you open the door to a bathroom? Turn the light on, would be the correct answer. So as I reached my hand out, feeling for the light switch, the light automatically turned on! I DIDN'T EVEN FIND THE LIGHT SWITCH YET!!

So, here's my theory: I get close to the bathroom, and the light turns on, like it's the bathroom saying, "Welcome, Shaylin!!" Then when I leave, the light is still on. Why is that? Because it's hoping I come back! It never gets enough of me! After some time though, Mr. Bathroom turns off his light in the sad, depressed state of mind that he's in.. until yet another visitor comes, then the mood changes dramatically! I'm so pleased with myself to be part of brightening someone else's day, even if it is Mr. Bathroom!

On another note, I'm going to Las Vegas tonight!! I'm driving down with Paige and Madison Mecum (Jonathan's aunt and cousin) and we'll get there around 8 or so at night and we'll be meeting up with Jonathan, Shelley and Marty (Jon's Mom and step-dad). WHAT IS THE REASON FOR THIS TRIP TO VEGAS?!?! Jonathan, having the amazing skills he possesses, got invited to play in and Ultimate Frisbee Tournament this weekend! Cool, huh? There will definitely be a follow-up blog to this one describing how it was, with wonderful pictures!!


  1. ahh that is so funny about your bathroom! im originally from vegas! have fun in the nice WARM weather for me k girly! ~emily

  2. You are so funny! happy bloggin'

  3. BAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You are such a freaking NERD!! However....this is the reason I love you the MOST!!

  4. Only you dear!!! Way to go...getting a blog, now you can do amazing things to your blog, then tell me how to do them!! Smart girl!! Nice the way!! LOVE YOU!! Have a BALL in Vegas!!