Thursday, July 30, 2009

AHH!! (@&#()ASLKDFJ;ALKSJD!!!!!!!!!!!

To say that I'm SO FREAKING EXCITED THAT I'M ABOUT TO BURST to see my family is the most extreme understatement ever said!! Mother, Tanner and Jaycee will be here in less than 10 hours, followed by my Pops coming on the 5th, and Kevin coming on the 6th!!!!! It's going to be FREAKING AMAZING!! I can't wait!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My good friend/co-worker Ashlee made some SCRUMPTIOUS cheesecake and so graciously brought it to work to share with everyone!!

And in less than a minute, this was all that was left on my plate..

BUT, luckily I was able to snag the recipe from her!!

Super easy and NO BAKING INVOLVED!!

Raspberry Cheesecake

1 8oz cream cheese
2 packages of cool whip
1 box of Junket (Raspberry)
2 graham cracker crusts (store bought)((Or homemade!))
1 bag of frozen raspberries

Set cream cheese and cool whip out to soften. Once soft, beat together and put in graham cracker crust. Put in fridge to cool.

While the cream/crust is cooling, heat up the Junket (follow directions on box) Let it cool for about 30 minutes, then mix in the frozen raspberries.

Pour topping over pie, and return pie to fridge for another hour or two.

*Makes two pies.*


*TIP* WalMart carries Junket (sort of like Jell-O) as well as the graham cracker crusts (about 8 inches wide) so no need to go looking all over!!

And TRUUUSTT ME! It is REALLY good!!



I love that woman. She is a goddess! I'm in love with her song Halo right now, but I am still entertained by all of the videos people are doing imitating her Single Ladies video (not gonna lie, Kay and I were thinking of doing one) The one I'm watching right now is of Joe Jonas and my goodness.. hahaha. Like I said, there are many videos, like the nasty big guy (who is actually really good at it), and the SNL skit of it. Go look for yourself. There are tons. Anyways, I'm pretty bored at work right now, if you couldn't tell.. I guess I'll go study some math! Have a good tuesday!!

*Mother and kids will be here IN 2 DAYS!*
**MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 4 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!**

And a couple pictures, since a blog isn't a blog without them! [Back from when I FIRST moved to Utah, which will be a YEAR ago in just a few weeks!!]

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I get bored too easily, so I changed my blog name. One of these days, I'll make a cute header that reflects who I am, but until then, it's just plain and boring. I have acquired a header!!! Tell me what you think of it!!

(*EDITED*)I guess I should probably explain how I got the title! There's a song that Lonestar sings and it's called Unusually Unusual.. It's amazing! These are just the first few lines of the song:

She introduced herself as Amy, said call me Caroline for short
She said "I just moved in three doors down so I wouldn't be the girl next door"
And I knew the shoes she wasn't wearing fit her just right
She said, "Hey, man did you know that somebody left your grass out in the yard all night?"
She's unusually unusual
Absolutely unpredictable
She's so different and that's what's wonderful
She's unusually unusual
And that's beautiful to me

Jon used to say this song reminded him of me, and the more I thought about it, I took it as a huge compliment!! And I agreed with him. I'm glad I'm random and crazy and maybe a little bit odd.. It keeps life interesting! And as Mark told me last night.. "If I fell asleep and was having a dream, IN that dream I'd be having another dream.. And you know those little thought bubbles that pops up when someone's thinking something? Your picture would be inside that thought bubble in the dream of a dream. That's how interesting you are." Haha, so there it is. I am Unusually Unusual, and now my blog is, too!! (:

(Really though.. go back to my very first blog post about the bathroom, and tell me I'm not a little bit crazy..)

I also decided that I would be the worst person to get a tattoo.. You can't just change those, or take them off real quick. My indecisive brain would have a hay-day if I ever did that to my body.
Anyways, I'll stop before I ramble any longer. Enjoy the new name.

We have a song (:

(And this is a random post once again, btw)

Mark came over last night and we were just goofing off, listening to music, telling stories and what not, when he just stopped, looked at me and said "So, maybe I'm jumping to conclusions, but I think we have a song!" Random, and completely unexpected. So I said, "A song, huh?" Mark: "Yes! It's by The Fray.. One of their new ones.." Me: "The 'Don't Let Me Go' one?" Mark: "Yes! That's it! I was listening to it, and thought of when we were at the concert and we both really enjoyed it and were singing to it, and it just feels like it should be our song."

And that's how it happened! It's really not a big deal, but it was cute. I remember back in the day when that was THE THING to do when you had a new boyfriend, and once that was decided, you were an official couple... Not that that means that he and I are official now, I'm just reminiscing <3

([The picture is of Mark and I playing with sparklers! Thanks Lindsey, for taking the picture!])

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's time to get in shape!

I want to start doing yoga again (: I took a class wayy back in the day, and I LOVED IT! Not quite sure why I stopped, but there aren't any excuses anymore!!

I will be looking for some good DVDs to do at home so I don't have to spend a million dollars on going to a class (:

In my search for DVDs, I came across this amazing piece of technology (for the 39259th time) and I want NEEED it SOOO BAD!! What better for a girl who loves to read?! Plus, it would save A LOT of space in my room!! *HINT HINT MOTHER!! MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 12 DAYS!*

Happy Tuesday (: It should be a wonderful one for me !!

Monday, July 20, 2009

That five letter word that I don't get near enough of.

Sleep. Boys seem to trump sleep. Don't get me wrong, I love boys. And I love staying up late WITH boys.. But I definitely do not like the repercussions the day after. But if that's the price I have to pay, I guess I'll do it (:

Haha, this reminds me of my brother. But I really wish I could be doing exactly this RIGHT NOW. I'm so incredibly beyond the point of exhaustion. My eyes do not work today. My face looks hideously tired. And I can't even sleep right after work because of school, FHE, working out, and tanning. Blast.

One of these days, I'm going to lay in bed, alll day. Possibly transfer my bed into the middle of a field and enjoy a good book with the birds chirping above my head.. Someday..

So Far, So EXTREMELY good!!!

Man, and I was worried about what my grades would be in math.. No need. I'm a freakin GENIUS! (;

(Once again, click the picture to make it bigger! Bask with me in my joy!)

*Round of applause* Oh, thank you, thank you!! PS, the attendance is only at 90% because I missed ONE day.

Other than that, life has been nothing but amazing!! Sleepovers, delicious food, pictures, awesome friends, concerts, sun!!!, Harry Potter (Mark and I are going to see the 6th one on Wednesday!!) Here are a few of the good times in the past week or so!

(This first one is Mark being the parrot that sits on the pirate, haha)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Poor Shaylin..

Just in case you've ever been wondering if it's a good idea to SMASH into a wall on your way out of your bedroom, I'm here to tell&show you that it is DEFINITELY NOT a good idea.

Maybe it's not extremely noticeable, but MAN did it hurt!! I swear, it sounded like someone chucked a fairly good sized rock at the wall. But no. It was my face.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Today is a good day (:

(The videos are only on for the music.. I'm not really sure about the "visual" part of them)

((And this is kind of a weird post.. ))

I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance, starting from the current season, episode 6 (when they actually start dancing, and not the auditions) and I love it!! I wish I could dance, haha :/ But this was one of the songs they danced to, and I forgot how much I love it!! Awh.. (:

Last night was ALSO a fun night!! Went and hung out with Mark and watched Harry Potter 3 and 4, played some card games and just goofed around! We're going to watch number 5 probably this weekend, and then go see number 6 sometime next week?! I CAN'T WAIT! I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!

Oooh, and I didn't post about me playing the guitar!!! But I can! Ow ow!! We went to the park on Tuesday and he taught me the begining of Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer..

..and I'm not good by ANY means, but I just started, so hey.. can't expect me to be perfect! I love it! The guitar realllly hurts the fingers, and it's an even bigger challenge for me because of my tiny hands.. but I push through and get to enjoy the results! Love my life (:

I'll make sure to get more pictures of me playing at the park or something. AS FOR TONIGHT, I get to hang out with my Lindsey again (: We haven't seen each other since SUNDAY!!!!! We're going to Nichole's craft night!! Have a good Thursday! I know I will (:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day Two of being disgustingly bored..

..brought me this.

Hopefully there won't be a day three of this nonsense?! But there more than likely will be.. I couldn't even teach myself the math that I'm supposed to learn tonight! It was too confusing.. which means I have to stay in class the whole time tonight :/ Lame! But I did finish my list of things to do last night!! Everything on there!! (Minus the tanning, because I crossed that out, and I didn't take a shower until this morning) But today is definitely better than yesterday! The day didn't go by AS slowly, and I get to go to the park with Mark tonight and play the guitar with him!! Possibly go see a dollar movie? Or watch Harry Potter (: (But not the new one.. I need to start from the 'ginning! I'm excited! Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Grouch

finally got his decal put on!! He also got a super duper bath, inside AND out!!

To Do List - July 13

Today is not going so well, at all. I'm sooo super bored at work that I taught myself what I'll be learning tonight in math class (which is why it says leave early.. cause I don't want to re-learn everything). I looked at every blog I could think of, facebooked, twittered, took pictures of my fingernails (further down in this post) and there's nothing else to do. "Things" are irritating me, too. So, I made a to do list of things starting when I get out of this dreaded workplace.

Maybe since I actually made a little list, I'll get everything accomplished??! I hope so!

And here are the fingernails (: They started out just being purple. Then I pulled out the skinny white nail polish, and decided to do.. something to them. Dots? Well, I tried. But then I remembered I HATE polka dots on my fingers.. So I played connect the dots (: Came up with some interesting shapes! Then Mark came a little later and made designs on my right hand. A tree on my thumb nail, because I climbed a tree earlier that day, a smiley face, star, swirl(haha), and.. I don't even know what the pinky is. But they're pretty cool, yeah?

I will have a better day tomorrow.. Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts..

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Pencil Topper

Kaylee and I like to be late.. everyday.. Well, it's not that we necessarily LIKE to be late, we just like to sleep in too much (: This morning was one of those. She got up to take a shower, and I patiently waited my turn to get in (by sleeping, of course) Then she comes in and tells me to get up, but I took a shower last night.. I could go without it today. I finally get up at 7, get ready, then got my bowl of cereal. I noticed on the box that there was supposed to be a pencil topper in there.. AND KAYLEE DIDN'T EVEN GET IT OUT! I couldn't believe it! So, it's mine now (:

Pretty freaking awesome, huh?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New page!!!

This is one of my favorites too (: It's in my What Makes A Shaylin Happy Book. LOVE IT!! You can either go here or just look at these pictures (:

Thursday, July 2, 2009


It is for me anyways (: I'm headed home to pack a little, then going to Midway tonight to have a girls night and watch The Sound of Music play/musical with Linds and her family! Then we'll head on up to Bear Lake sometime tomorrow for the weekend!! Happy fourth!!