Tuesday, June 30, 2009

&can't forget the glasses!

Thanks to Reece, we all (except David) had quite a bit of fun trying on glasses (:

I'm a spaz :P

Especially when I drive to work by myself! (:

Also, on Friday, Lindsey, Reece, David and myself went up to the Salt Lake Bees game (baseball) [which didn't start until an hour and a half after we got there because of the rain and lightening] and we took a bunch of fun pictures! Kaylee came a little bit later too!! Plus, a video which I'll have to get from Lindsey, haha it's funny. Anyways, here are a couple!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


(Please click the picture to make it bigger.. it's definitely worth it)

I GOT 100 OUT OF 100 ON MY FINAL YESTERDAY!! And the total amount of points possible in the class is 400.. see my score?! 409 BABY!! Even though it was a really easy and fun class, and I knew I'd get a good grade, it's always nice to see that final grade to confirm my thoughts (: I'm so happy right now.

I'm also pumped for Math tonight(&the whole term). I'm going to in with a positive attitude knowing that I can ace this class too! Plus, I've had two people offer to give me help if I need it. I love good friends and family! Especially when they're math geniuses! (;

Life is amazing (:

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Study sesh in the park!

Such a beautiful day today! Perfect weather!! Went to the Timpanogos Temple with Linds, then decided I'd get some studying done for my final tomorrow.. So why not do it outside?! I headed over to the park behind Walmart and actually studied for like 2 hours straight!(with a five minute break to take pictures) I'm so proud of myself.

(I know, I'm squinting my eyes and I look retarded.. It happens.)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Thanks, John!

I sent my friend John two pictures of me from the photoshoot with Linds, and told him to edit them (he's really big into editing and such) and he told me.. : "AHH!! It's so hard to edit these pictures of you!!!!" me: "Why?!?" John: "You can't edit perfection (:" Awh, cute. Haha, anyways, he did this

to the balloons, but never did anything to a picture of me. Until today. He asked me to write something about they day I had taking these pictures with Linds. So, I just pulled some stuff off the top of my head (since he wanted it pretty quickly), and when I got home from work, he sent me this.


Holy cow!! I love it!! Just thought I'd share (:

Also, I got a new camera this past week, and I'm in love with it!! I'm still trying to figure out a name for her, but she takes AMAZING PICTURES! I can't wait to use her more, but these were the first pictures she took (:

Math 0990

Starts on Thursday.. :/ Wish me luck.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Alright, alright..

Time to brag (: Lindsey and I had an AMAZING photoshoot last night!! I know she already made a post about it, but I want the pictures on my blog too (: Anyways, here are a few of them!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


YES!! I decided that I'm while I'm young and single, I need to travel. I keep saying places that I want to go (Italy, Jamaica, Alabama, Australia..etc) but it's more of a "wish" that I don't think will come true. Well, today I decided otherwise! I am going to Jamaica!! With my sister, of course(: We're going to wait until February so we'll be able to get away from the cold, and so that we have time to make plans and do some research!! I'm starting my savings right now!!! (After I buy my camera today!) I'm so so so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm retarded!!!!!

I dropped my cell phone in the toilet yesterday.. I guess I've never really realized how important my cell phone was until I couldn't use it AT ALL last night. And it's really hard to follow up with plans that have been made if there's hardly any way to get ahold of people, AND I don't have a "house phone"! Having to communicate through facebook? That's pretty pathetic.. I need my phone back.. :(


Today marks Jonathan's 4th month on his mission! Which is so crazy to me. 4 MONTHS ALREADY?! That means only 20 to go! Haha CONGRATULATIONS ELDER KAMAE!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

1 year and 10 months

August 16, 2007

August 16, 2008
February 16, 2009
And now he's on his mission in Hawaii.
In two days, he will have been on his mission for 4 months.. Time sure does fly by..
But today is officially the 1 year and 10 months mark since day one of "us" (:
It's weird not having him here.. And I'm sure it will be even more weird when August 16th rolls by.. But I'm currently thinking of some way to make it seem like we're together in some way other than physically.

I miss him like crazy..

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I get to watch a thunder and lightening storm right now! It's AMAZING!!!!


So, my idiot boss (Larry) wanted to fire me a couple of days ago because "We just don't have money." Thank goodness I have an awesome, sensible boss (Mark) that told him I get paid the least amount of money in the office, and firing me would do absolutely nothing for the company. Mark also told Larry that he'd have to fire half of the guys here before he could even think about firing me. Man, I love Mark! (:

Other than that, nothing too exciting is going on. I only have 4 more classes of Life Span Development :( I really like that class. Love it, actually. Then the day after that class is over I start Math. :( Big frowny face. I am not good at math, so wish me luck! (Another reason to frown, I have to pay about $190 for that dumb math book!) I want to know who it was that came up with the prices for those books. Why the heck are they so expensive?! It irritates me.

I'm going to Color Me Mine tomorrow with Kaylee and Joey and then we're going to see UP!!!!! I am pretty dang excited!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bucket List

Every Sunday night, our ward has Ward Prayer which consists of a song, spotlight, thought, and prayer. I was chosen for the spotlight and had to stand in the middle of everyone and answer every question that is asked. Well, one of the questions was "If you were told you had one day to live, what would you do?" And I know that isn't a very unique question.. people ask it all the time. But I've never thought about it, so it stumped me! What would I do? I was reminded this morning by my friend Joey to be thinking about what I'd do, so I asked what he would do. His response "Don't want one. Then I'll regret not doing it all." I agree.. kinda. I think I want to have a general idea of what to do, but maybe not expect each thing to happen? So.. the question is brought up again. What would I do if I had one day more to live?

1. Get up and do what I normally do. Say my prayer, shower, get ready..
2. Ask permission to call Jonathan on his mission. Tell him a few things, of how proud I am, and excited I am to see him on the other side someday
3. Call my parents(Ma, Kevin, Pops) (and Jace&Tan&Caden). Maybe make them get on a plane and come see me(:
4. Call my brothers and talk for a little
5. Go on a drive.. explore the beauty of this state that I live in.
6. Talk to my bishop and thank him for being such an amazing help to me
7. Along with number 5, visit as many temples as I could (and seeing that there's a billion in Utah, I'd get quite a few in there!)
8. Thank the man upstairs for letting me live so long (:

I think that's a pretty good list. I'd be very happy if I was able to do that!
If you're asked that question, do you have any idea what you'd do?

Relient K / Lydia Concerts

Concerts, concerts, concerts. I swear that's all I do lately. But I'm not complaining!! Relient K was on Thursday and it was good!! Only 2 bands before them, which was nice! Relient K did a very nice job too! They even did the song from the office! Haha, love that show. Lydia was on Saturday, and that whole day was a good one. I was woken up at 11:30 by Lindsey asking if I wanted to lay out by the pool with her. Um, hello?! Who would say no to that? After confirming the weather was beautiful, I put on my cute new bathing suit and was on my way! And when I said the weather was beautiful, I mean B-E-A-U-TIFUL! We layed out for about 25 seconds, realizing it was too hot to just lay there when we had a HUGE pool right in front of us. We took a dip, then layed back out. Joey joined us about half an hour later, and then Kaylee. It was such a fun time! AND I GOT A TAN LINE!! I never get tan lines! I actually got a little burnt (as you'll see in the pictures at the end of this post) Then we went to Zupas (MMMMMMMM!!!!!!) and ate some most delicious food! Joey really wanted to buy a hamster, so we all headed to the pet store and found the perfect one: energetic, ran on the wheel like he was a gold medalist, and was so cute! His name - Ely. Inspired by the movie UP! In the "cage" next to Ely, there was the cutest, ( i would say "little hamster", but he was far from little) fat hamster. Dark brown, with an even darker stripe right down the middle... Just strollin.. got on the wheel for a little, realized he didn't want to be working out, then hopped out and went to the food bowl. I fell in love! Pointed him out to Joey as "Chubbs" and Joey fell in love too. Although he thought Mikey was a better name. We came to an agreement. His name would be Mikey, but we would call him Chubbs. Haha, greatest experience. As I was waiting for Joey to get the hamsters, I was walking around and found theeeeeee most gorgeous dog. EVER!! He was in the store with his owner taking a training class, and I couldn't take my eyes off of him. When the class was over, I asked what kind of dog he was, and was talking to her for a little bit. He is the dog I want! He was a Great Pyrenees, which is pretty much a HUGE lab. She told me he'll get up around 150 pounds, but he's super loving, and always with her (PERFECT!) and I was in love! (Look them up online, and there are even more cute pictures of them!!) Then we all went home to get ready for the Lydia concert. There was Lindsey, Kaylee, Allie, Joey and myself, and I can't say it was the best concert I've been to.. There were 4 opening bands, and only 2 of them were okay to listen to. Actually, maybe three. But the sound was terrible, the "music" was too loud, and we could barley hear the singers. But Lydia was still good (: Made me smile very big!! We got a lot of goofy pictures, so I was happy! Here are a few to enjoy!! Haha, one more funny. Joey said he felt like the gay friend.. Going to a concert with 4 girls, being the only guy. We told him he was the pimp, not the gay guy.. he prefered being gay.. haha, oh Joey..

Friday, June 5, 2009


For some reason lately, I've just had the desire to start looking at what it takes to plan a wedding.. I don't even have a boyfriend right now, so it's not like there's something I'm hiding. I'm just in the wedding mood! I'm not sure if that's such a good thing though, especially because I don't know who I'm going to get to share all my hard work with. Which is fine! I'll just put my happy face on and keep living my life (and planning my wedding) and he'll come sooner or later! Preferably sooner rather than later (: Yesterday was dress day. I've come to realize that I'm most likely going to have to design my own dress because everything I look at isn't appealing to me in the slightest. So I'm taking bits and pieces from different dresses and hopefully by the time that "that time" comes, I'll have a cute dress... and someone to make it for me! It's actually a pretty big debate in my head on whether I want to have a fancy material dress, or just a flowy, simple one.. I guess I'll decided sometime.. soon? Not soon? I also found the ring I want, but I won't show it until I get it (: It's from the Shane Company! I hate their commercials and swore that I'd never go there, but they have cute, inexpensive (sorta?) rings so why not, right? I've also been finding wedding blogs right and left! Find one, and you find 50! I love it!! This is the blog that got me started in the blog search. How can you not be happy when planning such a happy event? I HAVE TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO MY HAIR! Which is a very hard task for me! I'm not going to lie, I have beautiful hair. BUT, it's stubborn and doesn't like to do much. Curl? Maybe for 20 minutes. Updo? Nope, makes my face look fat. And is it necessary to wear a vail? Another controversy I'm having is about my dress. I know wedding dresses are supposed to be white, and I understand why completely.. But I want a fun, flowery, colorful one!!! What to do, what to do. Writing this post is putting a lot of questions into my head. Also a lot of answers. It's a good one. Anyways, have a good day (: This is just a bunch of rambling and thinking, so sorry if it was boring. If you have any ideas, feel free to let me know !!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Oh my, I just have the most wonderful friends ever!! Tuesday night, we went over to the house that Nick is watching for a week. The deal was, the guys buy the food, the girls have to make it. No big deal. So we (and when I say we, I mean Lindsey and Mackenzie) made fajitas! We then made our way back down to Orem to go to Trafalga to show off our Putt Putting skills! I didn't think I was going to do so well, but in fact I did! My highest par was 4, most of the time it was 2, and I even got a hole in 1!! It was a very good game! Then we decided to go on the race cars just for fun, since we were able to do them for freeeeeee! Why not, right?! My foot was cramping up toward the end, so I had to go a little bit slower, but it was still so much fun! Pictures? OF COURSE! Here you go!

Lindsey, Carly, Mackenzie, and myself! (And creepy Nick in the background)

It's kind of hard to get a 6'7" person in the same picture as a 5'2".. haha, but we seemed to manage!

Nick and myself in the very intense race

Lindsey, Me, Mackenzie, Nick (in the brown) and Skyler

The whole gang and our cars! (I'm sitting with Linds cause they didn't leave enough room for my yellow car to be in the front line)

After the racing, we went back inside to do glow-in-the-dark putt putt, or "blacklight" but I was just really excited about my new Kalidascope that I got that works like crap!! (This actually looked really cool in the black light because of my white and black shirt and the fishies behind me, but it didn't turn out.. Oh well!)

P.S. - I had another fun night last night with "canyon" boy (: