Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day Two of being disgustingly bored..

..brought me this.

Hopefully there won't be a day three of this nonsense?! But there more than likely will be.. I couldn't even teach myself the math that I'm supposed to learn tonight! It was too confusing.. which means I have to stay in class the whole time tonight :/ Lame! But I did finish my list of things to do last night!! Everything on there!! (Minus the tanning, because I crossed that out, and I didn't take a shower until this morning) But today is definitely better than yesterday! The day didn't go by AS slowly, and I get to go to the park with Mark tonight and play the guitar with him!! Possibly go see a dollar movie? Or watch Harry Potter (: (But not the new one.. I need to start from the 'ginning! I'm excited! Happy Tuesday!!

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