Monday, July 20, 2009

So Far, So EXTREMELY good!!!

Man, and I was worried about what my grades would be in math.. No need. I'm a freakin GENIUS! (;

(Once again, click the picture to make it bigger! Bask with me in my joy!)

*Round of applause* Oh, thank you, thank you!! PS, the attendance is only at 90% because I missed ONE day.

Other than that, life has been nothing but amazing!! Sleepovers, delicious food, pictures, awesome friends, concerts, sun!!!, Harry Potter (Mark and I are going to see the 6th one on Wednesday!!) Here are a few of the good times in the past week or so!

(This first one is Mark being the parrot that sits on the pirate, haha)

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  1. hahaa you WOULD put the pic of me on here with my arm up and no one else playing the game!! haha. LOVE all these pics though! Mark is good at the picture game haha. Love you Swiss!