Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh, hello Wonderful Sunday!

New apartment (which is still not finished :/ ), new city, and best of all, A NEW WARD! If I had to chose one word to describe it so far, it would be: G O R G E O U S.

This was my Sunday:

-Woke up at 10:53am by a phone call from Linds saying she had pancakes ready downstairs (:
-Got ready, left for church around 12:40 for our 1 o'clock church, giving us a few minutes to find the church
-Sat down in the chapel, looked around and of the few people that were there, I already spotted three or four hotties!
-A few minutes passed, the the cute boys kept on comin.. Holly turned to me and said "The guys just keep pouring in!"
And it was true!! I'm guessing there is 80% guys in the ward, 20% girls. LOVE THOSE ODDS!! Not to mention that 60% of those guys are deliciously gorgeous (:
-Instead of the normal church sessions, we had our sacrament meeting which went 10minutes or so over, and then we all stayed in the Chapel for the next two hours, going up one at a time and saying our name, address, what we're doing in Utah, our roommates, and one "claim of fame", which made it really easy to look at everyone! Our bishopric got up just for a little bit, and I'm really excited for this ward. It seems so fun and crazy! We're going to the bishop's house tonight for FHE where there will be steaks, other food, pool party, and FUN!! I'm living the life, right?! (;
-Then Linds and I tried scoping out some good trees to slack line somewhere at the Bran, but with no luck just went down to UVU. I completely failed at getting my slack line set up, so with the help of Reece, we realized I needed just a few more things to get the most out of my slack line experience. Nevertheless, we did walk on it for a few minutes.
-We came back to the apartment and decided to go on a walk by the river with Kaylee, Carly, Seth and Holly!! It was so cute (:
-At 9, we went to ward prayer and ended up staying about half an hour later just talking to some new found friends, and made dinner plans with them for next Sunday!! All we (the girls) have to do is bring dessert.. how easy is that?
-Then a few people came over to our apartment for a game night! Kaylee drove everyone that came over, and there was a total of 8 in her Mazda 6! One guy (Kyle) was in the trunk, I was slewn across Linds, halfway on Kay as she was driving, and Shea, Jeff, Julie and Holly were squished in the back seat!
-We chose Phase10 which was a good and bad decision. It is a VERY long game, and I had theeeee worst headache, but I love that game so I didn't want to quit and go to bed. Plus, they were cracking me up!! When commenting on Shea's "floor dancing" skills, which were hilarious, he said "I don't know what specific dance moves, I just do what the music tells me to!"
-Like I said, it's a long game. It seemed like it was taking ages to finish, so Shea and I started cheating (; Kyle was getting so mad, but it was still funny. FINALLLLY, after sliding Shae three wilds, he won the game at 1 in the morning.
-Then it was bed time (:

Overall, EXTREMELY good Sunday (: I can't wait for tonight!!

Friday, August 28, 2009



I am so excited. I went last April with the fam, but now it's time to go with Swiss(Kaylee) and some other girls!! It's from the 21st-25th.. Oh, I can't wait (:

These are from last year:


Thursday, August 27, 2009


My institute class started last night!! And one of the "elements" that we have to complete, is to "Keep a journal of careful notes during the class" and although I forgot to bring paper to write things down yesterday, I got a few things. But I decided to make a separate blog of everything that happens in there, and my feelings and what not!! Feel free to look at it, follow it, ignore it, whatever! But it's there mainly for me, and to keep myself inspired, so maybe it will inspire you as well? Just check it out (:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Get motivated!!

I decided I need to be more goal orriented, and have to do lists! I made one the other day for things to do at work, and it was such a good idea! Just the privelege of being able to draw a line through a couple of words was motivation enough to do things that I had been putting off for.. well a while, to say the least ;) So I made a "chore list" for our new apartment so I can remind myself of the things I need to do daily, (that might seem like second nature to most.. but I just forget!! or ignore..) weekly, and monthly! I'm hoping it works out!!

I do plan on making an actual chart though, so I can put a gold star there when I complete a task, or write my name or whatever it may be!

Anyways, I'm off to go check out Verizon (and possibly buy a new phone today) and then to the apartment to unpack and make the apartment cute and meet the new roomies!!!!!

It's another one of those days -

- where I just want to stay in bed allll day. Unfortunately, that's never an option on weekdays because I have to be an "adult" and go to my 8-4 desk job( bleh:/ ). But on the bright side, Kaylee and I are officially all moved into The Bran! I recruited Mark and his roommate Chasen to bring both of their cars over to Pant's and load them with as much stuff as possible, along with mine and Pant's cars as well. And a little more in Kay's car.. When I told Mark that we needed his car too, and not just Chasen's little SUV he responded with "Good grief woman, how many cars do we need?" He had no idea how much stuff we have.. BUT!! it's a good thing we brought all of those cars, because we were able to make only one trip!! Our apartment is on the third floor, so we told the boys that if they took everything up there, Kay would give them each an hour massage and I'd make dinner and possibly a dessert. They were so excited and said they would, but by the time we got down there, HUGGE black rain clouds were right above us, and there was so much lightening! So Kay and I decided to make it go a little faster and start bringing stuff up too, so they weren't moving in the rain. Everything was in our apartment in less than an hour!! I was shocked! It took Kay and I.. what.. 2 or 3 days to move everything from our apartment into Pant's shed? But I'm so excited to finally be there! We decided to pay an extra $10 and move in a day early, and it was SOOO worth it! We got the bigger bathroom and the nicer room (one that didn't have a hole in the window) and moved all the extra furniture we didn't want into the other room, and we got the nicer kitchen cabinets!! Plus, there wasn't a million people in our way trying to move at the same time. We still have boxes and boxes and more boxes to unpack, but we got our beds all made and that's all that matters. Another plus, our beds are SOOOO COMFORTABLE! Well, compared to Winter Haven's beds. Anyways, Carly, Holly, Lindsey and Jori move into the apartment below us today!! This is going to be a fun year!!

*I'll take pictures of our apartment as soon as we get it all set up and get the boxes out of there!

Oh yeah!! The family reunion was awesome!! It was so fun to see everyone again! And to spend time with Ma, Kev and the kids was nice and relaxing (:

Saturday, August 15, 2009

We made it! We're in Washington!! And I just had THEE most ROCKIN' photoshoot with Ma!! Here's a couple of my favorites (: Definitely more to come!

Friday, August 14, 2009

I can FINALLY relax (:

I've been non stop busy for the past month or so with all sorts of different things, but it all ended yesterday! We had our final cleaning checks for our apartment at 4 and we had the new girl do the inspection and one of the first few things she said when she walked in was "I'm supposed to be really strick, so I'm just pretending!" And she passed us off within 5 minutes!! Which is awesome, because they usually ARE extremely strick, trying to get as much money as they can from everyone right before they leave. But we got lucky (: Even though we DID clean the apartment REALLY REALLY well. Then we went down to the garage to load the last of our belongings into Kaylee's car, just in time to find a guy next to her car and a boot on her back tire!! Which was just PERFECT timing, (sarcasm) because I had my final in less than half an hour, and my car was down at Pant's(Aunt Pat)!!! So I walked my little self to school and had a few minutes to spare before my math final. Got locked in the bathroom stall for a little bit, got pretty scared and started planning on an escape route, when I realized I just had to UNLOCK the door. Man.. Hahah, went up to class and wasn't nervous at all, until my teacher started telling stories of how hard finals are and blah blah blah. I was in there for about an hour and a half, which is the LONGEST I've ever been in there to take a test. I'm really hoping I do well, so cross your fingers! Oh, and good news about Kay's tire, she had management come down and tell the guy to take the boot off!! Phew! After I took a few more things out of our (now)old apartment, I headed down to Provo and Mark took me to Pizza Factory!!! I seriously LOVE that place. If you're ever in Utah and want some good pizza, go there and get the Chicken Alfredo pizza and a couple breadsticks, and I promise you won't be disappointed! (But if you are, I will GLADLY take your left-overs!!) Then I went back to Pant's and packed up most of my stuff for this coming week in Washington!! We're heading out right after work and should get there by 4 in the morning.. ISH? Then staying with the fam until Monday when Kay and I head out to Camp Zarahemla for a family reunion until friday, staying with the fam again, then coming back to Utah! So it's a good break from all the hustle bustle!! I'm very happy!

And of course, a couple of pictures!


This morning, Kaylee and I were late (once again) and didn't have time to grab some food, other than a banana on our way out of the house. So I walked to Target, which is right by my office building, and got some cereal and milk! I thought we had bowls, but cups work too!! DEEEEEEEELISH! It will be my lunch as well! And.. possibly... dinner. But it wasn't very expensive for a whole day's meals!! Roadtrip starts in 5 hours and 15 minutes. Oh yeah, I'm excited (:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Mini Book!

I made Jonathan a quote book for our "Two Year" anniversary[Aug16], well.. Two years since we first started dating, anyways.. as well as his 6 months on his mission[Aug18]. So here it is!! I would upload all of the pictures on here, but it would take up too much space. So just look at it on the Two Peas site! Let me know what you think of it!

And this is the paper plate that Jaycee and Tanner decorated for him:

Monday, August 10, 2009

THIS is freaking hilarious.


Lucky Lindsey gets to be the guinea pig for me to get a scholarship!! BUT SERIOUSLY, please go HERE and vote for me so I can have a chance to win the scholarship to go to school!!!! I desperately need it!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rose (:

It's definitely been a good week!! Family was in town, and I LOVED IT!!! The "Mark" situation was a little difficult, but it finally got resolved! So I went down to Provo tonight, and this is what he had waiting for me (:

Now, back to making the quote book (which I will take pictures of when I'm finished) and packing up our ENTIRE LIVES from this blasted apartment. WE MOVE OUT THIS WEEK!!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Too many "Print Screen"s.. AND I NEED HELP!!

But oh well. I just get excited about little things like.. getting 100%s on my tests AND NOT HAVING A BALANCE DUE TO THE SCHOOL FOR MY TUITION!! Especially since I didn't take out a loan this semester and paid it all off in time (:

Some things in my life make me so happy.

ALSO.. I NEED SOME HELP!! Mine and Jon's "2 years" is in 9 days, and I need to do something for him!!! I'm thinking a little book of inspirational quotes along with a couple pictures of us.. but I need something else!! Something that he and I can have on the same day and take a picture with it.. PLEASE, I NEED IDEAS!! (: Thanks!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy 19th Birthday!

That's right, my birthday was on Saturday! I had thee most awesome day! Seven Peaks, Comedy Sportz, Cafe Rio and games! I did in fact get The Beat (perfume) AND A SLACK LINE!! Plus, I got my birthday present from Jon in the mail that morning!

It says "Happy 19th BDAY" "I love you" In sign language (: There were also 31 more pictures along with those, so it was a very great gift (: There will be a video coming soon from Comedy Sportz!! I'm really busy at work though, so I must go!