Thursday, April 30, 2009

Woah.. it's 2009 already?!?!!

First of all, can I just point out how dang cute my blog is?! I know, I've changed it MANY MANY times.. but I just didn't LOVE them.. we didn't connect.. yanno? But this one.. Oh, it was love at first sight!

(Firstly and a half.. this is destined to be a long post)

Secondly.. TIME GOES BY SO FAST!! I'm almost 19, I don't live with my parents, I work full time, go to school part time (starting next week), pay WAY too much rent for my apartment.. AND TOMORROW'S MAY!! My littlest brother (cute little Tan the Man) IS GETTING BAPTIZED NEXT WEEKEND! WHAT?! Wasn't he just born? Mother's birthday is the same day as the baptism ( I won't mention her age :) ) and then Mother's Day on Sunday.

ALSO, another thing about time FLYING by! Back home in Washington, we had a missionary serving in our ward, Elder Hoskins (who is getting married now!!!) who kept insisting that I write his younger brother, who was on his mission in Chicago. He had just gone out a few months prior, and the "older" Hoskins was convinced that we would get married. Haha, crazy guy.. we hadn't even met! Anyways, I wrote him, and it went back and forth for several letters. Then one day, I started writing a letter, and completely forgot about it after that. About a month ago, I was looking through all of my boxes and such of random stuff that I never took the time to look at when I was moving, and guess what I found?! An unfinished letter from December 2007 to Kameron Hoskins. CRAZY! I went through and re-read his letters, and realized that he comes home from his mission in May of 2009. THAT'S NEXT MONTH!! So I decided to write him a letter, letting him know that I didn't fall off the face of the earth, and just to catch him up on a few things. One week went by, and I knew the letter hadn't gotten to him, and if it had, he didn't have time to write back that fast. 2 weeks.. well, it takes time. 3 weeks? Maybe he already went home? Got a different address? Or just didn't want to write back?! Yesterday, sisty comes in the room saying I got a letter. I, thinking it was from Jonathan, said "Already?! Letter day isn't till tomorrow!" Kay: "No.. from Hoskins!" WHAT?! He DID get it!! Anyways, there wasn't much to the letter, just him saying that he's coming home on May 15th, will be moving down to Provo in the fall with a bunch of his friends (Weird.. so am I), and will go to UVU (as I will be too..). It's so weird to think that he's been gone 2 years, and it's time for him to come home.

ANDDD.. Happy Birthday Cameron Divis! He's 19 today! Cameron recently got called to serve in Paraguay!! and will be leaving in June? July? How exciting!! #5 of my guy friends from Washington to leave on his mission!

Jameson Monson - Netherlands
Preston Freeland - Washington D.C.
Zachary Morrell - New York
Jonathan Kamae - Hawaii
Cameron Divis - Paraguay
Nathan Ames - ??? (He's young.. can't put in his papers till next month)

Yet another thing, I'm obsessed with creating! (or wanting to create, I should say). I went to a craft night last night, put on by sweet Nichole (one of American Crafts designers), letting us use anything and everything in her scrapbook collection to make whatever we wanted! Plus, I got to take home a box of scraps, and not so "scrap"s because she needed to get rid of them! What a perfect way to satisfy my crave to get as many scrapbooking materials I could to start making pages and creating!! And, here is my promise to you, I WILL start painting again (inspired by Nichole's amazing painting skills)!!

Side note, this is what I started at Craft Night last night.. I'll blog what it looks like when it's finished!

Lastly, this is for my Mother! Lately I keep remembering back to a year and a half ago or so, and I was sitting downstairs just WAITING for you to get off the computer so I could check whatever website was popular at the time. Your response was "Shaylin, you're going to be waiting a long time! I have to update my blog! This is really important, and whatever you need to do can wait! Just get on tomorrow, you need to go to bed." Hahaha!! Mother, I now understand your desire to blog! I mean, look at mine! I blog every other day, at least! And scrapbooking.. Your dream is finally coming true. I'M DOING IT! And we can scrap together when I come home NEXT WEEKEND!!! Love you Mom!

P.S. - I love my life!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Find a Penny, Pick it Up..

All day long you'll have good luck!

Just a reminder for everyone, PICK UP THOSE DANG PENNIES!! They add up, trust me! You could just very well become a millionaire by taking 2 seconds of your time to pick up a penny that you see on the ground!! (: Have a good day Penny Lookin'!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Is she famous?!?

Yes, as a matter of fact I am!! Look at me!!!!!
Okay, okay.. I'm lying. But I found the coolest website last night and you can click one button and your picture is inserted into another picture and looks so realistic!! Take a look! You won't want to stop!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wish List (:


Bubble wrap
Subs for my car
Scholarship to UVU (:
Scrapbooking supplies! Lots and lots of them!
22 months to go by quickly!
Laptop maybe?
Church books!!
Gift cards!
Sewing Machine
Camera!!!!! Mine BROKE!!

My birthday is in 100 days, so I'm just giving everyone some time to gather up presents for me!! Happy shopping!!

Bruce got an owie!

Kaylee's beloved car, Bruce, got HIT YESTERDAY!! And since she doesn't blog, I took on the responsibility of letting the blog world know about it!

Here's the story as Kay tells it:

So, here I am, minding my own business, driving back from target all excited about the new work out shorts I bought, jamming out to some sweet tunes, when all of a sudden….BAM! Bruce (my car) and I do a little spin out after getting smashed into!
What the crap was this lady thinking?! Did she not feel like looking when pulling onto the road!? So I straightened my car out and pulled over. When the lady got out of her large (brand new) SUV…I noticed she was VERY pregnant. My anger went away immediately. We checked out the damage while she was telling me she thinks she is in labor and was on her way to the hospital!
Needless to say, we didn’t wait for the cops to show up. We swapped information and I told her to get to the hospital! She also had about 3 other kids with her, one screaming in the background! Poor prego..

She admitted to all the fault and her insurance will take care of the damage. However, I need to do something about the rear wheel well so I can drive it again for the time being until I can get it in to be fixed.

Update on prego..she did not have her baby last night! She will continue as planned with being induced this coming saturday.. which may also cause a little delay in getting my car fixed...

So there you have it! Bruce got his first boo boo! Kaylee's doing fine, she didn't get hurt (not that she knows of yet anyways)

By the way, the name of her car was inspired by the shark from Finding Nemo (:

Monday, April 20, 2009

Can’t get any better than this!!

I love not having rules (: I get to eat macaroni out of the pan, and no one will yell at me!!

ALSO!! DANG GOOD NEWS!! In the end of August, I’M MOVING DOWN TO PROVO WITH 7 OF MY FAVORITE GIRLS!!!!! We’re going to The Branbury, and it sounds like it’s going to be a ton of fun!!

These are what the apartments look like on the outside! There’s 3 buildings of girls AND 4 GUYS BUILDINGS!! I can work with that (;

There will be 4 girls per apartment, so in one of them, there will be Courtney, Whitney, Kaylee and myself, and the second apartment will be Lindsey, Holly, Carly and Jori. ALSO, Lizette, Courtney Dahl, and Amanda (maybe Sharsti) will be moving there too so my friends will be so close to me! I couldn’t be more excited! Now I just have to be patient for 4 more months!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Courtney and I were planning on watching Phantom of the Opera together because no one ever wants to watch it with us! So around 9:30, she calls me and asks if I want to go up to the Hot Springs instead. Of course I said yes, I love the Hot Springs! So I start to leave my house, (and it was snowing quite a bit in the morning, then calmed down and most of the snow had melted) and it starts snowing again. Roads are completely fine, but as I get going, the snow keeps coming down, harder and harder, especially once I got down in Provo. Well, I get to Courtney's apartment, and I tell her that it probably isn't the best idea to go to the Hot Springs, because the way to get there is up the big, windey canyon and it's more than likely going to be a lot more snowy and slippery up there. Now that THAT idea was thrown out the window, and Coy and Nick had already shown up, we went to our lovely fall back idea to watch a movie. No one was really suggesting anything, so we got to pick!! And guess what we chose?! Phantom of course!! We knew that since we chose it, the guys would more than likely leave, but they surprisingly stayed and Coy actually liked it!! (Nick, I'm not sure about. He fell asleep literally 2 minutes after it started) After that 2 hour movie was over, I decided it was time to go home (since it was 1:30 in the morning, and I have to leave my house for work at 7:20) As I'm walking out of Court's apartment, I see that there is snow EVERYWHERE! And not just an inch or so.. no no no.. it was a good 6 inches on everything! My car was burried!! I could barley even tell which one it was! Anyways, since I don't have a snow scraper, I used my little Squeegie to scrap some of the snow off my car so I could see, and I realized it was just too pretty outside to pass up some pictures!! Coy and Courtney wanted me to text them when I got home safe, since I had to go up and down a few hills, they were a little bit worried. So I said "I just pulled in my parking garage! And I was stopping on the way home for pictures!" Coy's response was "Haha good ol Shaylin :) Blizzards can't even stop her picture taking!" MOM! AREN'T YOU SO PROUD OF ME!! I was driving down the road, and since there's no one on the snowy road at 2:00 in the morning, how could I resist stopping every minute to take a picture?! I couldn't!! Here are some of the pictures!!

This is my "What the heck!! It's April 15th, and still snowing this hard?!" face! (That's the top of my car behind me)

Well.. I couldn't get mad that it was snowing, because there's nothing I could do! So, I resorted to picture taking! Perfect idea!

My car after I attempted to get as much snow off as I could

WHOOPS!! I left my little "Squeegie" on the back of my car and it stayed on the whole drive home!!!

This is the picture I took this morning on the way to work. IT'S GORGEOUS HERE!!

I'm thinkin this will be a fun scrapbook page?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This one's for the girls!!

Sharsti, Amanda, myself and Courtney

I just recently met these girls, and I love them to death!! They are crazy, fun, sweet.. just awesome!They are all going to BYU Provo, and now that the semester is over, most of them are leaving Utah to go back home!! So sad!! But from June 5-7, Sharsti, Liz and I are going on a roadtrip to California to visit Courtney!! I can't wait!! Love you girls!!

Leanne, Amanda, myself, Sharsti, Lizette and Courtney

Friday, April 10, 2009

Conference Weekend

I kinda described the weekend Kaylee and I had with Lindsey, but I didn't put any pictures up! So here they are! Enjoy (:

How cool does this water bottle look? It's Artesian water from Norway!

Thanks, Lindsey for the pictures!


- is PAYDAY!
- is Friday (:
- I have nothing to do at work, so I get to look at cute blogs like this and this [just to name a couple]
- I opened a letter from Jonathan saying "HAPPY EASTER! I'd send you chocolate, but guarantee it's gonna melt.. so here's $4 to go buy some chocolate from me (:" and sure enough, there were four dollars in the envelope.

- is already going better than yesterday, in that I drank a whole weight loss shake without my stomach telling me to stop feeding it! (Yesterday I barley got a bagel and graham crackers in my system)
- is a good day to be grateful for!
- the cute UPS man brought me the magazine rack I ordered from IKEA for work, WHICH CAME WITH BUBBLE WRAP!
- I'm going to run home and start a cute new scrapbooking project! [ which happens to be a secret(; ]
- I bought a season pass to the water park in Provo, Seven Peaks!!
- I am going to put $400 more into my savings for school
- I wore my cute pink shoes that I got in California last year

- Is exactly one week until Prison Break starts up again
- is one day closer to my roadtrip to California with Lizette and Sharsti to visit Courtney!
- I will be posting another blog with pictures from the weekend with Lindsey!
- I suggest listening to the song You by Switchfoot
- I feel comforted

Make sure you have a Happy Friday, and smile at EVERYONE you see (:

Monday, April 6, 2009

New Friends, New Thoughts, NEW ME!

Recently, Kaylee and I started hanging out with a new friend, Lindsey! She is so cute and fun, and we're best friends now!! We've hung out all weekend, playing games, making food, watching conference, having sleepovers, coloring Easter eggs and just loving life!! (I'll get pictures from her soon to share!) But she scrapbooks and does such cute things AND I WANT TO SCRAPBOOK NOW!! I've never really liked scrapbooking.. I mean, I've always thought they were super cute how my mom and her friends do them, but I've never actually gotten into it myself. But now I want to, SO BAD!!

Also, another huge ( I would say "Mid-life crisis, but I'm only 18) change has come upon me! To anyone who has known me in the past, will know that I was always messy! I'd clean my room, and within 24 hours, it would be a mess again. I couldn't keep anything organized, and it was just gross! But for some reason, all of a sudden this weekend, I got so irritated and was sick of being messy! My room was a mess, you could barley see the floor, our clothes room was TRASHED, and we had about 12 loads of dirty laundry! So for about 3 hours I was running around, cleaning like crazy! It's such a good feeling to be clean and actually be able to see the floor and better yet, know where everything is! I'm not quite sure what brought this on, but I can assure you that it is never going to leave me!

I organized our "Hanging closet". Jeans, bed time shirts, sweats.. everything's color coordinated and they're all in sections! (Summer, work, bed, jeans..) LOVE IT! And it looks so nice!

One more thing (:
Kaylee and I both have stuffed animals: Mine is a dog named Franklin, and Kaylee's is a bear named Goose. So I was making my bed this afternoon, and put my pillows and Franklin on Kaylee's bed to make it easier for me. Once I finished, I put my pillows back on, and laid on my bed. I look over at Kaylee's bed a few seconds later and realized that Franklin did not make it back to my bed!! How silly of him to just stay on her bed! But Kaylee brought to my attention that he just wanted to play with Goose! HOW BRILLIANT! So, they are now best friends!

How cute, right?

And this is my cute bed with Franklin on top!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Carpool Theory

Every morning, Kaylee and I carpool to work for obvious reasons of saving gas, and having someone to talk to! With there being 2 of us in the car, we have the privilege to drive in the carpool lane! Although lately, it's been more of a punishment than a privilege. The normal 3 lanes will be going ridiculously slow, so we scoot on over to the carpool lane, (which was going faster at the time) just to have the person in front of us slow down to like 65!

So here's my theory: The carpool lane (or whoever is in that lane at the time) is like the devil. In the area where you're legally allowed to get over to the lane, the driver currently in the lane is driving faster than everyone, making it look like a MUCH better lane to be in! (The same way the devil makes unrighteous things look good) So we say, HEY!! GO TO THE CARPOOL LANE!! Then, when we get comfortably in the carpool lane, we notice the driver in front of us getting a little slower, but not much. But then when the double lines creep up on you, the driver basicly stops AND NOW YOU CAN'T GET OUT!!

So the Moral of the story: Think hard and wisely before making decisions in life, or else you'll be stuck in a place where you definitely DO NOT want to be.