Monday, July 13, 2009

To Do List - July 13

Today is not going so well, at all. I'm sooo super bored at work that I taught myself what I'll be learning tonight in math class (which is why it says leave early.. cause I don't want to re-learn everything). I looked at every blog I could think of, facebooked, twittered, took pictures of my fingernails (further down in this post) and there's nothing else to do. "Things" are irritating me, too. So, I made a to do list of things starting when I get out of this dreaded workplace.

Maybe since I actually made a little list, I'll get everything accomplished??! I hope so!

And here are the fingernails (: They started out just being purple. Then I pulled out the skinny white nail polish, and decided to do.. something to them. Dots? Well, I tried. But then I remembered I HATE polka dots on my fingers.. So I played connect the dots (: Came up with some interesting shapes! Then Mark came a little later and made designs on my right hand. A tree on my thumb nail, because I climbed a tree earlier that day, a smiley face, star, swirl(haha), and.. I don't even know what the pinky is. But they're pretty cool, yeah?

I will have a better day tomorrow.. Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts..

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  1. So sad to be so bored at work Shyn!! Really makes the day drag on!! Way to go makin' lists though!! Your car looks brand new!! Cute decal ~ and very interesting nail art!!! ha ha