Thursday, July 16, 2009

Today is a good day (:

(The videos are only on for the music.. I'm not really sure about the "visual" part of them)

((And this is kind of a weird post.. ))

I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance, starting from the current season, episode 6 (when they actually start dancing, and not the auditions) and I love it!! I wish I could dance, haha :/ But this was one of the songs they danced to, and I forgot how much I love it!! Awh.. (:

Last night was ALSO a fun night!! Went and hung out with Mark and watched Harry Potter 3 and 4, played some card games and just goofed around! We're going to watch number 5 probably this weekend, and then go see number 6 sometime next week?! I CAN'T WAIT! I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!

Oooh, and I didn't post about me playing the guitar!!! But I can! Ow ow!! We went to the park on Tuesday and he taught me the begining of Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer..

..and I'm not good by ANY means, but I just started, so hey.. can't expect me to be perfect! I love it! The guitar realllly hurts the fingers, and it's an even bigger challenge for me because of my tiny hands.. but I push through and get to enjoy the results! Love my life (:

I'll make sure to get more pictures of me playing at the park or something. AS FOR TONIGHT, I get to hang out with my Lindsey again (: We haven't seen each other since SUNDAY!!!!! We're going to Nichole's craft night!! Have a good Thursday! I know I will (:

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  1. You're SOOOOOO cute playing the guitar Shyn!!! You are so many ways!!! I love having musical children!!
    YOU ROCK!!!