Friday, May 1, 2009

Pictures from slack lining

Just a few pictures from Slack Lining!! It may not look hard, but you go set one up and then tell me how awesome I am for being able to take 4 steps (:

There's a smile!!

Haha, I fell so many times.. but instead of falling like a normal person, I DOVE! Didn't get pictures of that though.. haha, next time maybe !
You really have to concentrate pretty hard!!

And then there's Reece, who just jumps up on it and has no problems at all..


Reece telling Lindsey to FOCUS!! DON'T LOOK AT THE LINE!

Happy Camper! I LOVE slack lining!

One day.. I WILL be able to walk across it without anyone's help!! Someday..


  1. I WANNA GO NEXT TIME!!! This looks fun!! Maybe some day i'll be able to have a life again. Oh yeah...3 more months!!! FUN SUMMER HERE WE COME!! WOO!!

  2. That looks SOOOOO hard dear!! You will be a pro before long!! Good pictures of you!! Especially the last cute one!! Those can't be with your phone? Must be with Lindsey's camera huh?! Soon you will be home!! YAY!! Got my computer back 10 minutes ago!! hooray!!!!