Thursday, April 30, 2009

Woah.. it's 2009 already?!?!!

First of all, can I just point out how dang cute my blog is?! I know, I've changed it MANY MANY times.. but I just didn't LOVE them.. we didn't connect.. yanno? But this one.. Oh, it was love at first sight!

(Firstly and a half.. this is destined to be a long post)

Secondly.. TIME GOES BY SO FAST!! I'm almost 19, I don't live with my parents, I work full time, go to school part time (starting next week), pay WAY too much rent for my apartment.. AND TOMORROW'S MAY!! My littlest brother (cute little Tan the Man) IS GETTING BAPTIZED NEXT WEEKEND! WHAT?! Wasn't he just born? Mother's birthday is the same day as the baptism ( I won't mention her age :) ) and then Mother's Day on Sunday.

ALSO, another thing about time FLYING by! Back home in Washington, we had a missionary serving in our ward, Elder Hoskins (who is getting married now!!!) who kept insisting that I write his younger brother, who was on his mission in Chicago. He had just gone out a few months prior, and the "older" Hoskins was convinced that we would get married. Haha, crazy guy.. we hadn't even met! Anyways, I wrote him, and it went back and forth for several letters. Then one day, I started writing a letter, and completely forgot about it after that. About a month ago, I was looking through all of my boxes and such of random stuff that I never took the time to look at when I was moving, and guess what I found?! An unfinished letter from December 2007 to Kameron Hoskins. CRAZY! I went through and re-read his letters, and realized that he comes home from his mission in May of 2009. THAT'S NEXT MONTH!! So I decided to write him a letter, letting him know that I didn't fall off the face of the earth, and just to catch him up on a few things. One week went by, and I knew the letter hadn't gotten to him, and if it had, he didn't have time to write back that fast. 2 weeks.. well, it takes time. 3 weeks? Maybe he already went home? Got a different address? Or just didn't want to write back?! Yesterday, sisty comes in the room saying I got a letter. I, thinking it was from Jonathan, said "Already?! Letter day isn't till tomorrow!" Kay: "No.. from Hoskins!" WHAT?! He DID get it!! Anyways, there wasn't much to the letter, just him saying that he's coming home on May 15th, will be moving down to Provo in the fall with a bunch of his friends (Weird.. so am I), and will go to UVU (as I will be too..). It's so weird to think that he's been gone 2 years, and it's time for him to come home.

ANDDD.. Happy Birthday Cameron Divis! He's 19 today! Cameron recently got called to serve in Paraguay!! and will be leaving in June? July? How exciting!! #5 of my guy friends from Washington to leave on his mission!

Jameson Monson - Netherlands
Preston Freeland - Washington D.C.
Zachary Morrell - New York
Jonathan Kamae - Hawaii
Cameron Divis - Paraguay
Nathan Ames - ??? (He's young.. can't put in his papers till next month)

Yet another thing, I'm obsessed with creating! (or wanting to create, I should say). I went to a craft night last night, put on by sweet Nichole (one of American Crafts designers), letting us use anything and everything in her scrapbook collection to make whatever we wanted! Plus, I got to take home a box of scraps, and not so "scrap"s because she needed to get rid of them! What a perfect way to satisfy my crave to get as many scrapbooking materials I could to start making pages and creating!! And, here is my promise to you, I WILL start painting again (inspired by Nichole's amazing painting skills)!!

Side note, this is what I started at Craft Night last night.. I'll blog what it looks like when it's finished!

Lastly, this is for my Mother! Lately I keep remembering back to a year and a half ago or so, and I was sitting downstairs just WAITING for you to get off the computer so I could check whatever website was popular at the time. Your response was "Shaylin, you're going to be waiting a long time! I have to update my blog! This is really important, and whatever you need to do can wait! Just get on tomorrow, you need to go to bed." Hahaha!! Mother, I now understand your desire to blog! I mean, look at mine! I blog every other day, at least! And scrapbooking.. Your dream is finally coming true. I'M DOING IT! And we can scrap together when I come home NEXT WEEKEND!!! Love you Mom!

P.S. - I love my life!


  1. what a sweet post. Glad you love your life!

  2. So jealous of your craft night, American Crafts is one of my most favorite scrapbook companies! Lucky girl Can't wait to see the finished product

  3. Shyn, You crack me that you are into scrapbooking. Now make a 12 x 12 layout for you mom for her b-day/mother's day. It would be the best gift she could ever receive!
    I am going thru my stuff to see what I need to part with for you! See you next weekend.

  4. Oh my are in the right froup of friends!! How exciting is that!!!? So glad you are getting into painting and scrapbooking!! You need to see Margee's altered books when you come home...she does the stuff you like too!! We will be having fun!! And we WILL have to forgo SLEEP!!! Not enough time!! Love you dear!!! And it's ok that you didn't understand my blogging obscession are growing up, and little by little these things finally start to make sense!!! You are such a good blogger!! Keep it up!! Mom