Thursday, May 14, 2009

I HAVE TO SUCK ON HALLS?! I really don't understand how I got sick so fast! I was at work on Tuesday, happy as a clam, but when 12:00 in the afternoon rolled around, suddenly I had the worst sore throat and I could barley even breathe! It literally came on that fast. So as the days carry on, I continue to suffer.. "Sexy voice" as my Mom and Kevin told me last night (which sounds like a man.. if you didn't catch on to that), extremely bad throat hurting, and I swear I blow my nose every 10 minutes. Not to mention how hard it is to breathe when I'm trying to sleep. And I cough ALL DAY LONG!! Goodness gracious.. Poor me. Haha, but life's good! Hoskins comes home tomorrow! That's weird.. we'll see how that goes. And on Saturday is the Mae concert!*&#@$@*&!@*! They are amazing, and I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THEM LIVE!!!!!!!!!!! I'm also wearing a bed time shirt to work (; Shh.. don't tell!

Happy Thursday!

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