Thursday, May 28, 2009


No, I'm not getting married, and I'm no where close to being engaged, but I DID just find the colors that I want my wedding to be! Thanks to Lindsey working for American Crafts and having me look at their blog, I found this!!

Is that not gorgeous, or what?! I really really love the patterns too! So, when that day comes, make sure you pick some cute wrapping paper for my presents, so everything's perfect and matching! (:

Also, quick update on my Midterm: I finished the test within 7 minutes, (shorter than that even, I think) and I did in fact get to leave right when I was done! Can't complain about a 10 minute class!! I also tried being creative last night.. Turned out terribly wrong! I used Dove chocolate wrappers and put them all over a page, (with all the cute sayings on them) and it was HIDEOUS! So I went to bed early, disappointed in myself. Seven Peaks today should make me feel better though! Plus, I'm going to Moab tomorrow with some friends.. Hopefully it's fun!! (Maybe I'll get someone to fix my camera really fast today so I can take it this weekend!)


  1. are NOT going to MOAB!! You are hangin with Linds and I and going to 7peaks!! Yeah buddy!

  2. love the colors. Just remind us all again when the day does come.

  3. I love those colors too!! Will you change your mind when the big day comes...hmmm...waits to be seen!