Monday, May 25, 2009

This won't be long..

But I'm extremely proud of myself!! We had a get-together with some friends today for Memorial Day.. Activities including: BBQ, slack lining, kickball.. and fun!! And it really was such a fun day, but the thing I'm most proud of, is that I TOOK 11 STEPS ON THE SLACK LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's almost all the way across! I couldn't believe it!!!

Plus, I've been hanging out with a pretty cool kid (:

Here are two pictures from the other day when Reece and I went to the mountains? and had tin foil dinners, and played with charcoal!! We found out they draw pretty well on faces and cement!

Anyways, I'm off to bed to get some sleep for what I know will be a stressful day tomorrow :/


  1. I dont like you hanging with boys. Boys are icky! Except for one boy, who is MIA right now. hehe

  2. Kelli is SOOOOOOO funny...MIA....ha ha!! But she is RIGHT about the icky part!!! You are getting to be a pro at slack lining dear!! I want to see you in action when we come to Utah k?! You will be all the way across by then!!