Monday, May 18, 2009

Wonderful Weekends (:

For some reason this past week, my body decided to be extremely dumb and get SUPER SICK! Fortunately, I was feeling a little better on Saturday, enough to go to MAE!! It was AMAZING!! There were 4 bands that played before them, Tokyo, Larusso, Barcelona and PersonL(didn't really like them) AND THEN IT WAS TIME! I can't even tell you how excited I was to actually be seeing them in person. They are amazing! We ended up getting these really cool looking shirts, Mae's EP and Barcelona's cd. (Barcelona is from Seattle!! Wooo hoo! Go Washington!) While we were waiting in line, we got fliers for upcoming concerts, and one that stuck out to me was LYDIA. You can go to their website and listen to some of their music, but they're playing on June 6th and I'm going!! I'm extremely excited for that! ALSO, my new friends down in Provo living at Carraige Cove told me about the Relient K concert that is on June 4th that I just bought a ticket for last night! Out of the 18 years of my life, I'd been to two concerts: Nsync in 4th grade, and Kenny Chesney/Rascal Flatts.. a few years ago. Now within one month I'm going to 3 new ones?!? I'm definitely living the life! AND I LOVE IT! Plus, tickets are pretty cheap too (: $10?! Can't say no to that!

Anyways, here's a couple pictures, one when we were waiting in line to get into the theater, and the other is with our 3D glasses on for the last couple of songs that Mae did with a 3D image thing on the screen behind them. Did I mention that Mae was FREAKING AMAZING?! I'll be there in a heartbeat next time they come to Utah!

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  1. Such CUTE girls!!! So glad you are feeling better Shyn, and that you two enjoyed the concert!! I love concerts!! Kev and I went to the dome last Saturday to see if we could score tickets the DAY of a concert(Fleetwood Mac)...but~ NOT at 149.50 a seat!! Enjoy those $10.00 seats!! I'd go too!!!