Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm in the mood

to be creative again (: I've had a long weekend of NO creativity and studying like a mad woman, so I deserve it, right? Oh wait.. I have to take my midterm today. Hopefully I can take it and leave and not have to be there the whole two and a half hours.. If that's the case.. Maybe I'll postpone my creative-ness. But I already know every question that's going to be on the midterm (thank goodness I have an awesome teacher) and I know all the answers too! (thanks to my awesome teacher, haha) Linds and I are finally going to use our Seven Peaks passes tomorrow after work! PRAY that it stays nice so we'll get tan!! [We all know Lindsey needs it (; ] Kidding, Linds. Anyways, I've been at work too long, it's time to leave! Have a good Wednesday!


  1. Hope you were able to leave after your final and get to being creative Shyn!! I know how you feel! I have been in a creative slump lately...too much going on to stop! But I will soon!!

  2. hahaha It's TRUE and we all know that! lol I'm excited to go with you! :)