Monday, June 22, 2009

Thanks, John!

I sent my friend John two pictures of me from the photoshoot with Linds, and told him to edit them (he's really big into editing and such) and he told me.. : "AHH!! It's so hard to edit these pictures of you!!!!" me: "Why?!?" John: "You can't edit perfection (:" Awh, cute. Haha, anyways, he did this

to the balloons, but never did anything to a picture of me. Until today. He asked me to write something about they day I had taking these pictures with Linds. So, I just pulled some stuff off the top of my head (since he wanted it pretty quickly), and when I got home from work, he sent me this.


Holy cow!! I love it!! Just thought I'd share (:

Also, I got a new camera this past week, and I'm in love with it!! I'm still trying to figure out a name for her, but she takes AMAZING PICTURES! I can't wait to use her more, but these were the first pictures she took (:

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  1. NO WAY!!! That is the coolest picture!! I want to blow that up huge~ and scrapbook it!!! That is amazing!!!