Monday, June 8, 2009

Relient K / Lydia Concerts

Concerts, concerts, concerts. I swear that's all I do lately. But I'm not complaining!! Relient K was on Thursday and it was good!! Only 2 bands before them, which was nice! Relient K did a very nice job too! They even did the song from the office! Haha, love that show. Lydia was on Saturday, and that whole day was a good one. I was woken up at 11:30 by Lindsey asking if I wanted to lay out by the pool with her. Um, hello?! Who would say no to that? After confirming the weather was beautiful, I put on my cute new bathing suit and was on my way! And when I said the weather was beautiful, I mean B-E-A-U-TIFUL! We layed out for about 25 seconds, realizing it was too hot to just lay there when we had a HUGE pool right in front of us. We took a dip, then layed back out. Joey joined us about half an hour later, and then Kaylee. It was such a fun time! AND I GOT A TAN LINE!! I never get tan lines! I actually got a little burnt (as you'll see in the pictures at the end of this post) Then we went to Zupas (MMMMMMMM!!!!!!) and ate some most delicious food! Joey really wanted to buy a hamster, so we all headed to the pet store and found the perfect one: energetic, ran on the wheel like he was a gold medalist, and was so cute! His name - Ely. Inspired by the movie UP! In the "cage" next to Ely, there was the cutest, ( i would say "little hamster", but he was far from little) fat hamster. Dark brown, with an even darker stripe right down the middle... Just strollin.. got on the wheel for a little, realized he didn't want to be working out, then hopped out and went to the food bowl. I fell in love! Pointed him out to Joey as "Chubbs" and Joey fell in love too. Although he thought Mikey was a better name. We came to an agreement. His name would be Mikey, but we would call him Chubbs. Haha, greatest experience. As I was waiting for Joey to get the hamsters, I was walking around and found theeeeeee most gorgeous dog. EVER!! He was in the store with his owner taking a training class, and I couldn't take my eyes off of him. When the class was over, I asked what kind of dog he was, and was talking to her for a little bit. He is the dog I want! He was a Great Pyrenees, which is pretty much a HUGE lab. She told me he'll get up around 150 pounds, but he's super loving, and always with her (PERFECT!) and I was in love! (Look them up online, and there are even more cute pictures of them!!) Then we all went home to get ready for the Lydia concert. There was Lindsey, Kaylee, Allie, Joey and myself, and I can't say it was the best concert I've been to.. There were 4 opening bands, and only 2 of them were okay to listen to. Actually, maybe three. But the sound was terrible, the "music" was too loud, and we could barley hear the singers. But Lydia was still good (: Made me smile very big!! We got a lot of goofy pictures, so I was happy! Here are a few to enjoy!! Haha, one more funny. Joey said he felt like the gay friend.. Going to a concert with 4 girls, being the only guy. We told him he was the pimp, not the gay guy.. he prefered being gay.. haha, oh Joey..

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  1. Cute pictures...and an adorable little puppy!! So sweet!! Sorry the concert wasn't the best...but the company m,de up for it I'd have to guess right?! Love the picture for your background topper!! You guys are cute!!