Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm retarded!!!!!

I dropped my cell phone in the toilet yesterday.. I guess I've never really realized how important my cell phone was until I couldn't use it AT ALL last night. And it's really hard to follow up with plans that have been made if there's hardly any way to get ahold of people, AND I don't have a "house phone"! Having to communicate through facebook? That's pretty pathetic.. I need my phone back.. :(


  1. you know you can atleast check your voicemail from another phone right? or change your recording to let everyone know your phone doesnt work but your voicemail does or to contact you by email, FB ect.


  2. So....I'm wondering...did your phone survive the swim in the toilet?! It was just time it had a vacation~that's all!!
    Tanner says...this music ROCKS!!!

  3. My phone half survived it's little vaca.. But some of the buttons still think they're on a vacation and don't want to work properly. So I had to switch back to the old phone until I can renew my contract :(