Monday, June 8, 2009

Bucket List

Every Sunday night, our ward has Ward Prayer which consists of a song, spotlight, thought, and prayer. I was chosen for the spotlight and had to stand in the middle of everyone and answer every question that is asked. Well, one of the questions was "If you were told you had one day to live, what would you do?" And I know that isn't a very unique question.. people ask it all the time. But I've never thought about it, so it stumped me! What would I do? I was reminded this morning by my friend Joey to be thinking about what I'd do, so I asked what he would do. His response "Don't want one. Then I'll regret not doing it all." I agree.. kinda. I think I want to have a general idea of what to do, but maybe not expect each thing to happen? So.. the question is brought up again. What would I do if I had one day more to live?

1. Get up and do what I normally do. Say my prayer, shower, get ready..
2. Ask permission to call Jonathan on his mission. Tell him a few things, of how proud I am, and excited I am to see him on the other side someday
3. Call my parents(Ma, Kevin, Pops) (and Jace&Tan&Caden). Maybe make them get on a plane and come see me(:
4. Call my brothers and talk for a little
5. Go on a drive.. explore the beauty of this state that I live in.
6. Talk to my bishop and thank him for being such an amazing help to me
7. Along with number 5, visit as many temples as I could (and seeing that there's a billion in Utah, I'd get quite a few in there!)
8. Thank the man upstairs for letting me live so long (:

I think that's a pretty good list. I'd be very happy if I was able to do that!
If you're asked that question, do you have any idea what you'd do?


  1. I would either write a letter or video myself sending a message to each of my family members.

  2. WOW...really makes you think doesn't it?! I love your list....mine is pretty similar!! Too much to write in a blog!! Cute picture Shyn? hmmmm....wonder who took that amazing picture of you!!? I Love my Shyn!!