Thursday, June 25, 2009


(Please click the picture to make it bigger.. it's definitely worth it)

I GOT 100 OUT OF 100 ON MY FINAL YESTERDAY!! And the total amount of points possible in the class is 400.. see my score?! 409 BABY!! Even though it was a really easy and fun class, and I knew I'd get a good grade, it's always nice to see that final grade to confirm my thoughts (: I'm so happy right now.

I'm also pumped for Math tonight(&the whole term). I'm going to in with a positive attitude knowing that I can ace this class too! Plus, I've had two people offer to give me help if I need it. I love good friends and family! Especially when they're math geniuses! (;

Life is amazing (:


  1. OH MY HECK GIRLY!! I am so definitely proud of you! Congratulations. What a great way to start off a summer with. :)

  2. Good girl. study study study.

  3. Whoa are a scholar!!! Way to go!! I am very proud of you!!!