Thursday, April 2, 2009

Carpool Theory

Every morning, Kaylee and I carpool to work for obvious reasons of saving gas, and having someone to talk to! With there being 2 of us in the car, we have the privilege to drive in the carpool lane! Although lately, it's been more of a punishment than a privilege. The normal 3 lanes will be going ridiculously slow, so we scoot on over to the carpool lane, (which was going faster at the time) just to have the person in front of us slow down to like 65!

So here's my theory: The carpool lane (or whoever is in that lane at the time) is like the devil. In the area where you're legally allowed to get over to the lane, the driver currently in the lane is driving faster than everyone, making it look like a MUCH better lane to be in! (The same way the devil makes unrighteous things look good) So we say, HEY!! GO TO THE CARPOOL LANE!! Then, when we get comfortably in the carpool lane, we notice the driver in front of us getting a little slower, but not much. But then when the double lines creep up on you, the driver basicly stops AND NOW YOU CAN'T GET OUT!!

So the Moral of the story: Think hard and wisely before making decisions in life, or else you'll be stuck in a place where you definitely DO NOT want to be.


  1. BAHAHAH!!!! It's the devil....
    Dang carpool lane tricks us EVERYDAY!

  2. I'm sure you have a playlist now and are so savvy!! SOOOOOO glad you are coming to see me!!! But seriously....I loved your theory on this blog...nice picture too!! Love you Shyn!!