Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bruce got an owie!

Kaylee's beloved car, Bruce, got HIT YESTERDAY!! And since she doesn't blog, I took on the responsibility of letting the blog world know about it!

Here's the story as Kay tells it:

So, here I am, minding my own business, driving back from target all excited about the new work out shorts I bought, jamming out to some sweet tunes, when all of a sudden….BAM! Bruce (my car) and I do a little spin out after getting smashed into!
What the crap was this lady thinking?! Did she not feel like looking when pulling onto the road!? So I straightened my car out and pulled over. When the lady got out of her large (brand new) SUV…I noticed she was VERY pregnant. My anger went away immediately. We checked out the damage while she was telling me she thinks she is in labor and was on her way to the hospital!
Needless to say, we didn’t wait for the cops to show up. We swapped information and I told her to get to the hospital! She also had about 3 other kids with her, one screaming in the background! Poor prego..

She admitted to all the fault and her insurance will take care of the damage. However, I need to do something about the rear wheel well so I can drive it again for the time being until I can get it in to be fixed.

Update on prego..she did not have her baby last night! She will continue as planned with being induced this coming saturday.. which may also cause a little delay in getting my car fixed...

So there you have it! Bruce got his first boo boo! Kaylee's doing fine, she didn't get hurt (not that she knows of yet anyways)

By the way, the name of her car was inspired by the shark from Finding Nemo (:


  1. Thanks for blogging sissy!! Poor Bruce...had to sit home all alone today and rest :(

  2. Oh....I love that Shark Bruce!!! Good name dear! The lady shouldn't have anything to do with fixing Kay's's all her insurance!! Glad that you were both ok!!
    On another NOTE...Maybe Bruce needed a rest?! Maybe he has a girlfriend who is in the garage as well? Ever thought about that guys!!!