Friday, April 10, 2009


- is PAYDAY!
- is Friday (:
- I have nothing to do at work, so I get to look at cute blogs like this and this [just to name a couple]
- I opened a letter from Jonathan saying "HAPPY EASTER! I'd send you chocolate, but guarantee it's gonna melt.. so here's $4 to go buy some chocolate from me (:" and sure enough, there were four dollars in the envelope.

- is already going better than yesterday, in that I drank a whole weight loss shake without my stomach telling me to stop feeding it! (Yesterday I barley got a bagel and graham crackers in my system)
- is a good day to be grateful for!
- the cute UPS man brought me the magazine rack I ordered from IKEA for work, WHICH CAME WITH BUBBLE WRAP!
- I'm going to run home and start a cute new scrapbooking project! [ which happens to be a secret(; ]
- I bought a season pass to the water park in Provo, Seven Peaks!!
- I am going to put $400 more into my savings for school
- I wore my cute pink shoes that I got in California last year

- Is exactly one week until Prison Break starts up again
- is one day closer to my roadtrip to California with Lizette and Sharsti to visit Courtney!
- I will be posting another blog with pictures from the weekend with Lindsey!
- I suggest listening to the song You by Switchfoot
- I feel comforted

Make sure you have a Happy Friday, and smile at EVERYONE you see (:


  1. You have the cutest blogs dear!! And how cute of Jonathan to send you $4.oo to get some chocolate!! And I hope you did just that and take a picture to send him!! Sounds like you are enjoying the (soon to be) college life!! Way to go!!

  2. The links to those blogs that you think are you cute are way cool! The Elizabeth Kartchner one... she actually came into our office and talked to us for a bit so I got to meet her! She is a very talented person. P.S I love to hang out with you CONSTANTLY!!! :)