Monday, April 6, 2009

New Friends, New Thoughts, NEW ME!

Recently, Kaylee and I started hanging out with a new friend, Lindsey! She is so cute and fun, and we're best friends now!! We've hung out all weekend, playing games, making food, watching conference, having sleepovers, coloring Easter eggs and just loving life!! (I'll get pictures from her soon to share!) But she scrapbooks and does such cute things AND I WANT TO SCRAPBOOK NOW!! I've never really liked scrapbooking.. I mean, I've always thought they were super cute how my mom and her friends do them, but I've never actually gotten into it myself. But now I want to, SO BAD!!

Also, another huge ( I would say "Mid-life crisis, but I'm only 18) change has come upon me! To anyone who has known me in the past, will know that I was always messy! I'd clean my room, and within 24 hours, it would be a mess again. I couldn't keep anything organized, and it was just gross! But for some reason, all of a sudden this weekend, I got so irritated and was sick of being messy! My room was a mess, you could barley see the floor, our clothes room was TRASHED, and we had about 12 loads of dirty laundry! So for about 3 hours I was running around, cleaning like crazy! It's such a good feeling to be clean and actually be able to see the floor and better yet, know where everything is! I'm not quite sure what brought this on, but I can assure you that it is never going to leave me!

I organized our "Hanging closet". Jeans, bed time shirts, sweats.. everything's color coordinated and they're all in sections! (Summer, work, bed, jeans..) LOVE IT! And it looks so nice!

One more thing (:
Kaylee and I both have stuffed animals: Mine is a dog named Franklin, and Kaylee's is a bear named Goose. So I was making my bed this afternoon, and put my pillows and Franklin on Kaylee's bed to make it easier for me. Once I finished, I put my pillows back on, and laid on my bed. I look over at Kaylee's bed a few seconds later and realized that Franklin did not make it back to my bed!! How silly of him to just stay on her bed! But Kaylee brought to my attention that he just wanted to play with Goose! HOW BRILLIANT! So, they are now best friends!

How cute, right?

And this is my cute bed with Franklin on top!


  1. I absolutely LOVE that you love being clean now!!! Isn't it just great?! Thanks for doing all the laundry!! We just have to try and keep up on it now and maybe do it more than once a month haha.
    Our animals are so cute!! We have a new friend...and so do they!

  2. I love Franklin...and I must say, this newfound organization and clean stage you are in is AMAZING!!! I knew you'd catch the bug sooner or later!! Way to go dear!! Can't wait till you come home!!!

  3. You make me so happy!!! I love that we're new best friends! :) AND i like your new "OCD" about cleaning. :) That means we'll make great roommates!!! NO JOKE!