Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dear bubble wrap:

You make my day happy. I step on you, and smile. Thank you for being fun.

And thank you, Mother, for sending it to me!


  1. You made my day! life should be more fun. Thanks

  2. Hahaha bubble wrap IS fun! As I walked into the room today I accidentally stepped on it not knowing it was there! But once I realized what I was stepping on...i did a few little hops on it =)
    Couldnt help but laugh!

  3. BA..HAHAHAHAH!!! You make me laugh so hard Shaylin!!! How cute that you notice the little moments that make life BIG!!! And Kaylee's little hops on it too!! I love you girlies!!!
    So that's all I need to send you is bubble wrap...k!!! I'll keep that in mind!!