Thursday, February 26, 2009

Donuts anyone?!

Every Tuesday morning, I have a meeting for work at 7:30. That's too early, in my opinion, but apparently that wasn't a choice that I had a say in. Anyways, the last person to the meeting has to bring donuts for the next week's tuesday meeting. So one of the guys brings in two boxes of donuts, and tells us we have to eat them all because he can't take them home. With 10+ guys working here, that is no problem. But then, about 2 hours later, some lady from next door comes over with 2 more dozen donuts, just saying that she wanted us to come over to her Chiropractic center. DONUT OVERLOAD!! But I have to say, the ones that she brought over sure were interesting!!!! Like this one..

Gummy worms?! On a donut?!!! There was also some with M&Ms on them, and other various candies. And just in case you were wondering, they were GROSS!! Just a little bit of advice, never get donuts from Alberton's. You will be highly disappointed.

On another note, Elder Kamae sent out an email on Monday!! He's having such an awesome time in the MTC! The first day he was called to be the District Leader, and loves that calling! Everyone in the MTC keeps coming up to him saying "Are you the happiest missionary in the world, or what?!!" He just can't stop smiling all the time, and is so excited to be a missionary. He didn't say much in that email, because he's been pretty busy I guess. I'll update when I hear more!


  1. that sounds just like Elder Kamae!

  2. Whoa...sick looking donuts I'd say!! They were just trying to be cute I suppose! pretty funny though!!
    So glad to hear Jon is doing so well....and he's not even in Hawaii yet...he is the happiest person!!!