Thursday, February 19, 2009

This is what you get with two sisters living together..

Since Kay and I share most of our clothes, we have more than a ton. We do laundry, and neither of us wants to fold it, so it usually sits on the floor for a good week or so. In this case, we had done four or five loads of laundry, then Kaylee left for Vegas, and I had a busy weekend. HOLY MOLY WAS IT A MESS!! So last night, I sat in that room for 2 hours to clean it up!!

Here is what it looked like before the 2 hours I spent in there.. And believe it or not, that's not even HALF of our clothes (:

And the after! What a difference! I am magic!
So, just a little note for all you laundry doers, fold your laundry when it first comes out of the dryer.. It makes things a lot easier AND cleaner!! And don't leave your ironing board (or massage bed) up, because you will notice that you will start to use it as clothes hanger, or shelf.


  1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! Oh my goodness that was HORRIBLE!! Thanks for cleaning while I was at school sisty!! You're the best! Love you! And I LOVE sharing rooms and all our clothes!!

  2. Oh my goodness you TWO!!! Have some clothes!! I miss having your shoes and ear-rings to choose from!! Slowly building my jewelry stash up! Way to be on a mission to clean up that room Syhn!! Are you feeling OK?! ha ha...I love you!!

  3. you 2 are complete and utter slobs! I saw it first hand!