Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Sometimes, I just really think I'm funny. And yanno, "THAT'S FINE!" because I'm not really sure how many other people feel the same way, and SOMEONE'S gotta love me, right? And it's not normally when I'm thinking about saying something and I'm like "Man, I have to say something funny, because that's just who I am" because we all know I don't think before I talk. Hence why I think I'm funny. The things that come out of my mouth sometimes.. WOW do they sound stupid. And a lot of times, someone has to make fun of me for saying something before I actually find the funniness in it, but still. Also, when I write things, like all of these blog posts, and assignments where I'm free to talk like myself.. it's entertaining. I would copy and paste my assignment that I'm working on right now, but then it probably wouldn't be funny. But basically, it's just the same as my blog, so you get the idea. And I'm really good at making funny faces and looking like an idiot.

Anyways, I'm done tooting my own horn, haha. Enjoy my blog (:

P.S. I'm buying a membership to 24Hour Fitness tonight!! I'm EXTHITED!! (<-excited with a lisp)

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