Wednesday, February 2, 2011


You may think this is strange, but I seriously hate the days that I don't have math homework. I love love love love LOVE math!! (Maybe I should be a math major?) And it's not very often that we aren't assigned homework, unless a) he doesn't finish teaching the section all the way through or b) it's Friday, Saturday or Sunday. And I got my results from my first test... 75/80! That's a 94ish% (: The two that I got wrong were the two that I guessed on, so I feel pretty good about that! (Plus, the cute kid, Ronny, got a 72/80! ;)(that was rude.. I'm sorry Ronny) Anyways, tonight is one of those no homework nights. Maybe I'll just do some extra problems from other assignments so I can.. really know what I'm doing?

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  1. not THAT weird...math homework is my least hated homework. It's like a mystery...have to solve the problem!