Sunday, February 13, 2011

12 + Life

Good things happen in 12's.

-Check this out for the "" reasons.
-12 Days of Christmas
-There was.. a weird movie named 12 about 12 jurors having to decide the fate of a teenager charged for murdering his stepdad?
(Okay, that's not so good)((Also, I've never seen this movie, I just looked up 12 in google, and that was one of the results))
-There are 12 donuts in a box (:
And the biggest reason of all right now...

Jonathan Kaleo O' Kalani Kamae comes home IN 12 DAYS FROM TODAY!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, you could say that I'm pretty freaking excited for the 25th of February (:

Fly home on Thursday the 24th, or Friday the 25th, catch up with my beautiful family and some good girl friends, wait for Jonathan to get realeased, AND THEN GO SEE HIM!!! We're hoping that he can convince the Stake President to release him the same day/night that he comes home, by my friend Zac said that it's not the easiest thing to do.. But, not gonna lie, I'm pretty freaking excited to see him, so the sooner the better!! Yes, I've thought about being at the airport with him, but he'll still be a missionary, and I'm not too sure how happy "some" people would be about us breaking the "no touching girls" rule.. So I've decided not to go, but to see him once he gets released. Because the last time I saw him, this was the closest we were able to get:

And I promise you, we're going to be a lot closer than that when I see him next!!

And then Jon and his parents will leave on March 4th to go back to Hawaii, and I will stay in Warsh until the 6th, and then come back to the freezing cold utah where school and work will be very much calling my name :(

AND THEN!!!!! I'll be home for a week, and the following Monday, March 14th, me and 7 other girls are road tripping to Vegas for a night and then Cali for the rest of the week!!! Freaking party time!!! The whole trip is going to cost around $300, counting a two day park hopper pass to Disneyland, hotels for 3 days, food for every single meal, The Wax Museum and a few other excursions. Holy freaking good deal, right?!? That's what I said too. It's going to be so much fun!!! And the girls I'm going with are: Holly Kendall, Carly Lockwood, Sarah Oaks (roommates), Jori Donaldson (roommate of Carly and Holly last year), Jessica Campbell, Vanessa Campbell (next door neighbors), and one of the Campbell sister's friends!

You could say that I have quite the amazing life, and I'd heartily agree (:

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