Thursday, January 27, 2011


Literally, today is thee best day ever! Last night, I went to bed at 11:30, which is VERY VERY good for us, seeing as though the night before, we didn't get in bed until 3:00am. So anyways, I woke up at 7:25 to get ready for work at 8. I brought a packet of Strawberry oatmeal, a piece of bread, and 1/2 cup of milk for my oatmeal, got started working and making my breakfast, and my attitude was amazing today!! I was just so super happy! And last night I asked my Mom if she would so kindly like to help me out with my plane ticket for when I go home next month, and after finding out that it would be about $196.00, she offered to pay $100!!!! YAY! I LOVE MY MOM! Then I got so excited about that at work, so I told my friend Josh, who then told me that he might be able to get me a "buddy pass" because apparently, February is the perfect time to fly! He then went and talked to his parents, who said that I could have the buddy pass, and it would only be $103 round trip to fly home!!!!! After professing my love to him and his parents for doing such a generous thing for me, I went back to work. I finished all my stuff by 3:25, left at 3:30, then got ready for school really quickly and headed to UVU. I got to my math class just a couple minutes after it started, was greeted by the two guys that I usually sit in-between (one of them is in my Ethics & Values class, the other is just cute:) and then cute boy offered me his Australian licorice, which tastes just like Fruit by the Foot (DELICIOUS) and then reviewed for my math test. And he kept offering me the candies, which I accepted each time, and then he told me that I can have as many as I wanted!! YES!! I LOVE when people offer me lots of candy!!! (Side note, I already love Math probably more than anyone should, so I'm already in a superb mood because a-I'm in math, b-I'm studying for a math test, and the fact that I'm sitting in between two super nice guys.. WHO WOULDN'T BE HAPPY!?!) As we're leaving the class, I said something to Ethics & Values boy, and then he asked what my name was, and then I found out his name is Danny, and then cute boy was walking right next to me, and I still didn't know his name, so I turned to him and asked what his name was (Ronny) and I told him my name and then we talked a little bit and said goodbye! So I'm completely happy from talking to them (because usually I just keep to myself at school, which I don't know why, because I love being friendly) and I get home and decide to file my taxes because I got my W2s today! So I'm filing, putting the information in, AND I FIND OUT THAT I'M GETTING $1440.00 BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which means that I can officially go to California for spring break with all the girls!!!! Let me just tell you, I'm in one of thee best moods I think I've ever been in!!! SOOO HAPPY!! PLUS, the day keeps getting even better!! At 7:00, our Relief Society is having a coupon "class" where we learn about couponing and saving money, and then we all get to go to Nickel City (It's an arcade place, where you use nickels for everything) and play Laser Tag, ALL OF WHICH OUR WARD IS PAYING FOR!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness. Do you agree with me that today is thee best day ever?!!?

This is my super ecstatic face!!!

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