Sunday, June 20, 2010

Julie & Julia

Seeing as I'm watching Julie & Julia right now, I would feel it quite inappropriate if I didn't write a blog post. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! And I love Amy Adams (: She is just so cute.

Anyways, I'm quite proud of myself for finally finding something that I'm good at... SLACK LINING!! My good friend Reece Hopkins taught me how to slack line last year* and I quickly became addicted! Luckily, I have quite the amazing sister and she decided to get me my very own slack line for my birthday! I didn't learn how to set it up by myself until a few weeks ago, but I got Carly addicted, and now we go at least 3 times a week! And she even bought her own!! Anyways, with all of the practice, we're getting very good at it! And I'm realizing that I do better under pressure, when there's a whole group of strangers watching me!! Or when Carly records me!

I love this (:

*(P.S. at the bottom of that blog post, I said that someday I'd be able to walk all the way across without anyone's help... THAT TIME HAS COME!)

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  1. what the heck? i wondered what slack line was but its tight rope walking? holy cow, good for you, I dont think I could do that!