Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh Pizza Pie Cafe.. I love you

We just barley opened a restaurant in Highland, Utah, so I have been going up there to train all the newbies! Yesterday was their first day open and it was quite exciting! I prepped some of the salad in the Provo store, and then Megan and I went up there around 10 and set up all the food for the day and trained the kids when they got in around 4. We didn't end up leaving until 9!! I was working for 13 hours yesterday!! Phew!! I was EXHAUSTED to say the least. We went up and trained again from 9-6 today and it's actually pretty sweet!! All I have to do is show them what to do, and then watch them do it for the rest of the day, making sure they're doing it right and answering any questions they have. And I just stand there. Oh, and the best part about it.... I'M GETTING PAID $10 AN HOUR WHENEVER I'M UP IN HIGHLAND!! Found that out this morning! Best news ever!! Okay.. I lied.. That wasn't the best news. Here it is: I get to wear a blue PPC shirt, and on the back, wanna know what it says? "TRAINER- Teamwork is a bunch of people doing what I say!" FREAK YEAH!! Ever since I started working, back in October and I saw all the Idaho trainers wearing those shirts, and I've been hoping and waiting for the day that I got to wear one.. And my time has come (: I feel all legit and stuff.. It's sweet!

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