Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 03. (I'm in a bloggy mood)

Day 03 - A picture of you and your craziest friend.
AKA, I will post 3 pictures of 3 of my craziest friends. Please don't get this wrong with my best friends. (Although these 3 fall in that category as well)

(Also, these are in order of when I met them)
Crazy Friend #1: Kaylee June Dewey.. AKA my big sister

Friends since August 1, 1990.. although not best friends until many years later. She and I have been through more than a lot of ups and downs, fights and tender moments, and best of all, jumping up and down-go crazy days! Every time we get together, it's filled with laughing until we cry, food (usually), and talking like complete retards; but understanding each other completely. I love this girl so incredibly much! Good thing we're related, so I never have to worry about not keeping in touch throughout the years to come.

Crazy Friend #2: Jonathan Kaleo O' Kalani Kamae.. AKA "The Missionary"

Jonathan and I met back in Jr. High, but didn't really start talking until our Junior year of High School. After a little while of hanging out, we were an "official" couple on August 16th, 2007. Let me tell you, this kid is INSANE!! I seriously hope he's still crazy-fun when he gets home from his mission, because he was always.. and I mean ALWAYS making me laugh!! Whenever I had some silly idea, he'd go along with it because he's such a sweetheart, but then he'd end up taking it to the next level of extreme-craziness!! He was always ready for spontaneous activities, and could come up with something to do in seconds. (P.S. - He comes home in 80 days!!!)

Crazy Friend #3: Carly Ann Lockwood.. AKA Current Roommate and The Third Sister That I Never Had
Carly and I met around the beginning of 2009, but she had a boyfriend that liked to flirt with Kaylee and I, so she didn't think very highly of me at the time. As the year went on, she realized how cool I was, and how idiotic her boyfriend was! She and I started getting really close probably at the beginning of 2010, and this girl is just a little kid! Which matches my personality perfectly!! She and I do more random things than anyone I've ever met! For example, we ran out of our apartments without shoes on to look at the pretty lightning.. but there were trees in the way, so we walked into the parking lot. But both trees AND apartments were in our way.. We just kept walking, and before we knew it, we were at Pizza Pie Cafe!! Then we ended up on the roof.. That is just one of the billions of moments with her. I'm so glad I met her. She is amazing!! I LOVE HER!!

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