Tuesday, October 20, 2009


(Loooong post about how I got the job and so forth)

I work at a place called Pizza Pie Cafe which is a buffet type restaurant with salad, pizza and pasta. I am the cutie behind the pasta bar!! It's a full time job (but only paying minimum :/ but it's better than nothing!) and it's fun so far!! How I got the job was actually pretty awesome! I took the day off yesterday from Synergy because on Sunday night I was not feeling well at all! Thought I had a fever, and all my bones were in pain. So I slept in until 10:45am when I get a phone call from someone I didn't know. I answer, and they ask if I want to come in for an interview at either 11:30 or sometime after 2. So I said 11:30 would be great, and I jumped out of bed and got ready super fast. Didn't eat breakfast cause I didn't think the interview would take too long. So I get in my car and drive for 1&1/2 minutes, then get out (yeah, it's that close to my apartment!!) I walk in and start talking to the girls while I was waiting for the manager to come out, and they told me that if I was able to work all the time (which I am) that I should just suck up like crazy!! ((P.S. this is the place that I had to write a poem about myself, on the back of the application.. I'll put it at the end of this post)) So he comes out and we sit down and start talking, and he's asking me a few of the normal questions, and he was looking at my application, and when he got down to the part where it asks for previous experience I wrote "I have worked in customer service (blah blah) and I love to eat pizza!" So he was like "Oh, you like pizza? Alright, HIRED!!.. Alright, anyways.." and got back to the interview. Then he offered me a part time busing job, and I was so excited! He asked when I'd be able to start and I told him "right now!" So he told me to go buy some shoes, put jeans on and come right back! Then I asked how many hours that would be a week, and then he said "well.. are you looking for a full time job?" (Sure! Whatever you have!) "Alright.. well, we have a pasta and sauce maker position available.. do you think you'd be able to do that?" (Sure! As long as someone teaches me how!!) "Okay.. go buy some shoes really fast, and come right back. Is that alright with you? Are you willing to work today?" (OF COURSE!!!) So I did just that!! My first interview from turning in around 30 applications, and I got the job right away!!!! Ah, I love it. And I'm learning very quickly, if I do say so myself!! I basically just served pasta yesterday, and learned a FREAKING TON here and there.. Then this morning I made the pasta, and sort of saw how to make the sauces, and I learned a lot more today!! (As well as making a huuuge pond of water in the back room!! Whoops!! :) And I'm pretty sure I get to learn exactly how to make the sauces tomorrow!! It keeps me very busy, and I love it, but when I get home, everything from my hips down, KILLLSSS like crazy!! But it's alright!! Worth it! Anyways, enough is enough. Here are some pictures of the gorgeous outfit I get to wear (:


  1. I love the last two words on your shirt. Fits you perfectly!

  2. ditto...what Kelli said!! Too cute!! Also...where is that poem...I never read it!! So you go from a total dead beat job to one that you enjoy and get to actually interact with people...what a concept!!
    Love you dear!!