Thursday, October 15, 2009


I never was an etsy looker until today.. I won't tell you the reason why I decided to look today (cause it's a surprise!!) But I love it!! I then directed my search to a blank book that I could use for a journal to put a ton of quotes in, like in A Walk To Remember (which, by the way is an AMAZING movie, and I absolutely adore Mandy Moore in everything she does)((and that's wayyy off subject)) and I found these that a word? (:

One (because I have an obsession with elephants) and Two (and more from number two here) And they are so cheap!!! $2&3?!? I'm really really tempted to get them. And yes, I know they're small.. What are your thoughts? Should I get them?

Then there's this one and that one and the other one from Barnes&Noble.. so many decisions!!

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  1. Etsy is a wonderful thing isn't it?! Can be dangerous least for me! I like the leather books, and the little Elephant book is too cute for words!!! How fun!! So glad you were able to have some Linds time to create!! I know it makes you does me too!!
    I love you Shyn!!