Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh, hello Wonderful Sunday!

New apartment (which is still not finished :/ ), new city, and best of all, A NEW WARD! If I had to chose one word to describe it so far, it would be: G O R G E O U S.

This was my Sunday:

-Woke up at 10:53am by a phone call from Linds saying she had pancakes ready downstairs (:
-Got ready, left for church around 12:40 for our 1 o'clock church, giving us a few minutes to find the church
-Sat down in the chapel, looked around and of the few people that were there, I already spotted three or four hotties!
-A few minutes passed, the the cute boys kept on comin.. Holly turned to me and said "The guys just keep pouring in!"
And it was true!! I'm guessing there is 80% guys in the ward, 20% girls. LOVE THOSE ODDS!! Not to mention that 60% of those guys are deliciously gorgeous (:
-Instead of the normal church sessions, we had our sacrament meeting which went 10minutes or so over, and then we all stayed in the Chapel for the next two hours, going up one at a time and saying our name, address, what we're doing in Utah, our roommates, and one "claim of fame", which made it really easy to look at everyone! Our bishopric got up just for a little bit, and I'm really excited for this ward. It seems so fun and crazy! We're going to the bishop's house tonight for FHE where there will be steaks, other food, pool party, and FUN!! I'm living the life, right?! (;
-Then Linds and I tried scoping out some good trees to slack line somewhere at the Bran, but with no luck just went down to UVU. I completely failed at getting my slack line set up, so with the help of Reece, we realized I needed just a few more things to get the most out of my slack line experience. Nevertheless, we did walk on it for a few minutes.
-We came back to the apartment and decided to go on a walk by the river with Kaylee, Carly, Seth and Holly!! It was so cute (:
-At 9, we went to ward prayer and ended up staying about half an hour later just talking to some new found friends, and made dinner plans with them for next Sunday!! All we (the girls) have to do is bring dessert.. how easy is that?
-Then a few people came over to our apartment for a game night! Kaylee drove everyone that came over, and there was a total of 8 in her Mazda 6! One guy (Kyle) was in the trunk, I was slewn across Linds, halfway on Kay as she was driving, and Shea, Jeff, Julie and Holly were squished in the back seat!
-We chose Phase10 which was a good and bad decision. It is a VERY long game, and I had theeeee worst headache, but I love that game so I didn't want to quit and go to bed. Plus, they were cracking me up!! When commenting on Shea's "floor dancing" skills, which were hilarious, he said "I don't know what specific dance moves, I just do what the music tells me to!"
-Like I said, it's a long game. It seemed like it was taking ages to finish, so Shea and I started cheating (; Kyle was getting so mad, but it was still funny. FINALLLLY, after sliding Shae three wilds, he won the game at 1 in the morning.
-Then it was bed time (:

Overall, EXTREMELY good Sunday (: I can't wait for tonight!!


  1. SLEWN...I think I like that new word!!!
    I have NO doubt that you and Kaylee are right where you need to be right now!!
    Your new apartment...ward...hotties, Bishop, and overall experience sounds like Heaven to me!!
    I love you girls!!
    And what a great post......good job Shyn!

  2. Heck freaking YES!! I LOVE our new ward!! OOOOOOOH man...our lives are so great right now!! Love you sis!

  3. And not to mention out OTHER dinner date invite from last night! 2 weeks in a row, already have sunday dinner taken care of!! :) As one of the guys said " guys don't know how much of a fresh breath of air you are. You girls are going to be so spoiled!" I love being the minority in the ward :)