Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's another one of those days -

- where I just want to stay in bed allll day. Unfortunately, that's never an option on weekdays because I have to be an "adult" and go to my 8-4 desk job( bleh:/ ). But on the bright side, Kaylee and I are officially all moved into The Bran! I recruited Mark and his roommate Chasen to bring both of their cars over to Pant's and load them with as much stuff as possible, along with mine and Pant's cars as well. And a little more in Kay's car.. When I told Mark that we needed his car too, and not just Chasen's little SUV he responded with "Good grief woman, how many cars do we need?" He had no idea how much stuff we have.. BUT!! it's a good thing we brought all of those cars, because we were able to make only one trip!! Our apartment is on the third floor, so we told the boys that if they took everything up there, Kay would give them each an hour massage and I'd make dinner and possibly a dessert. They were so excited and said they would, but by the time we got down there, HUGGE black rain clouds were right above us, and there was so much lightening! So Kay and I decided to make it go a little faster and start bringing stuff up too, so they weren't moving in the rain. Everything was in our apartment in less than an hour!! I was shocked! It took Kay and I.. what.. 2 or 3 days to move everything from our apartment into Pant's shed? But I'm so excited to finally be there! We decided to pay an extra $10 and move in a day early, and it was SOOO worth it! We got the bigger bathroom and the nicer room (one that didn't have a hole in the window) and moved all the extra furniture we didn't want into the other room, and we got the nicer kitchen cabinets!! Plus, there wasn't a million people in our way trying to move at the same time. We still have boxes and boxes and more boxes to unpack, but we got our beds all made and that's all that matters. Another plus, our beds are SOOOO COMFORTABLE! Well, compared to Winter Haven's beds. Anyways, Carly, Holly, Lindsey and Jori move into the apartment below us today!! This is going to be a fun year!!

*I'll take pictures of our apartment as soon as we get it all set up and get the boxes out of there!

Oh yeah!! The family reunion was awesome!! It was so fun to see everyone again! And to spend time with Ma, Kev and the kids was nice and relaxing (:

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