Sunday, March 22, 2009

Picnic, pool table, and meatballs? What a good weekend (:

It has been pretty nice the past few days in good ol' Utah! So Kay and I planned a picnic in the park for Saturday, when neither of us really had anything going on. So I make some delicious potato salad
and when Kay got home, she made some tuna fish sandwiches. THEN OFF WE WERE TO THE PARK! The weatherman said it was 73 degrees out, but that wasn't taking in the wind factor. Jeeze, it seemed a lot colder than 73! So our picnic wasn't very long, but it sure was fun!

Also, I have recently come to realize that we have a ping pong table in our apartment! (along with a pool table and an air hockey table) Of course Kaylee and I are in love with that game room. So we go down there later that night and use our amazing skills to play one of thee best games of ping pong we've ever played. We got a call from Jeremy, saying he was going to come over and play us, along with his friend Daniel. So Kaylee and I get all pumped up, ready to kick some boys' butts!! They ended up taking forever, so what better to pass our time, then to sit, stand, even dance on the pool table!!

They finally showed up, but by that time, we had worn ourselves out, so unfortunately, the canadians won in our ping pong tournament. With hunger creeping up on us, we went back to the apartment to make some delicious chicken, followed by a long drive up to the hot springs! Man, that drive is well worth it. It may have been freezing outside, but once you get into the water, you are no longer thinking about how cold it is, rather how your body is BURNING!! But it feels good(: And I'm glad my new friends could come up there with us!!

Now, this past Tuesday, I had an open house (With AC Green.. the tall black man in a previous post) and at the open house, were some of the most delicious meatballs I've ever tasted. And I usually HATE meatballs. The lady that made them was pretty intent on me trying one, and I was sure glad she did! Kaylee and I went to the store, got the recipe, and made meatballs today!! They were just as good as the ones I had before (: New things are yummy!!

Before we cooked them...

and the delicious turnout!!

I must say, it was a pretty darn good weekend!!


  1. Look at those cute girls!! Sounds like a fun weekend, miss those go and do whatever you want kinda weekends. Always look for an adventure no matter how small.

  2. Best weekend EVER! I love spending time with my sisty!!

  3. You guys are adorable in your shorts!! You probably wrapped up in the blanket after the pictures right!? I think we ALL want spring to come and STAY!! Can't wait to see you two!!
    Love you to pieces!! Mom

  4. grape jelly and katsup? ewww, send me the recipe. hehe