Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm in SERIOUS trouble.

First of all, I know you all are wondering how everything went in Washington when I got to see my boy.. well, it was amazing! Everything was just the same as it was before he left; No awkwardness, no hesitation to be who we are, it was just us (: More mature, better looking us. And, I got to see him every day from Saturday to Thursday so it was AWESOME!! Except now, the Saturday that I get home, I'm realizing how much of an idiot I am. I thought I was going to be fine in school cause there wasn't any tests or anything big that I was missing.. But oh, don't worry. We just learned all new stuff in math, which we have to take a test on on Monday or Tuesday, and in my Ethics and Values class, which I'm already not doing too well on, we reviewed for our huge huge fatty test that I have to take on Tuesday. Plus, I have to make up a test for my Intro To Education class.. All of this = Shoot my brains out.

This weekend is not going to be fun. I'm so mad at myself.
But don't worry, I wouldn't have taken that time that I had with Jonathan to be at school.. Because seeing him was definitely worth it.. kinda.. But why did I have to be so stupid and miss so much school and think I was going to be fine if I didn't touch my homework all week?!!?!?

Here I go. Wish me luck. Pray for me. Send me little study fairies to help me out.

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  1. Ahhh i can't wait to hear more details about your week with Jonathon. Please blog and update us on your homework progress. . just remember, you can do it!(said in the voice from water boy)