Friday, September 11, 2009


is NOT going well at all.

I really just want to go home, lay in bed with 7 cartons of ice cream lined up on a table beside me (so I don't get cold, of course), watch cute chick flicks and cry. Then fall asleep forever. It's that time.. if you know what I mean.

Good thing I have amazing friends who give up going to a paint club and tell me we'll just stay home and have a girls night and watch movies all night.. Thanks, Courtney (:

But the good news: It's Friday. Which means I don't have to deal with annoying co-workers for two whole days once I leave here today!!

ANNNDDDDD I will be on a cruise ship in 10 days, 2 hours, 43 minutes and 25 seconds (:

1 comment:

  1. And that's what friends are for!! You would do that too!! Glad you have such supportive friends!!
    Cruise ship ~ (insert screaming!!!) I am so excited for you guys!! You will have so many memories to share with your MOM!! Love you!!