Thursday, September 17, 2009

Embarassing... and painful :/

There's a girl that lives in the Bran that throws some sort of food party every week. Yesterday was ice cream sundae day (: !! YES! Unfortunately though, the time comes when you have to cease stuffing your face with that deliciousness and leave the party. When you walk out of her apartment, there are a few stairs that you have to walk up, and then a few you walk down.. Well I wasn't paying very close attention and went to grab my phone and didn't see the stairs to go down. I missed two steps, landed on the edge of the third and BIFFED IT! So I hurried and got up, looking around to see if anyone had just witnessed that, and when didn't see anyone, I walked off pretty fast.. I went to my downstairs apartment (Holly, Jori, Carly & Lindsey's apartment) and just told them the story. Then I found all of my owies!!

Scraped up my wrist and it hurts worse than it looks! Somehow scraped up my shin too? AND MY TOES! I JUUUUSSSTTT PAINTED THEM 2 HOURS BEFORE THIS! Gosh dangit. I was so mad about that! Poor little toesies..

Then when I was leaving the girls' apartment, I tripped on at least 2 things, almost falling flat on my face. But because I have such awesome reflexes and balance, I stayed alive.. My goodness.

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  1. OUCH dear...are you ok?! That looks like it hurt...I'm sorry!! Hope you are healed and well!! Darn for the beautiful toenails...that's alot of work!! Dang stairs!!
    I love you!