Thursday, December 17, 2009

What!? Is this a new post!??!?!!!??

Why yes.. yes it is!! And honestly.. nothing had really happened in the past two and a half months.. other than just working 8 to 4 every day at good ol' Pizza Pie Cafe! And I love it!! I'm always doing something, and I absolutely LOVE everyone that I work with!!

Also, JONATHAN HAS ALREADY BEEN OUT FOR 10 MONTHS TODAY!!! TEN FREAKING MONTHS!!!!! I can't believe how fast it's gone so far! I sent out his Christmas/birthday package yesterday, and the mail lady told me that he should get it by this weekend or Monday at the latest!! I'm so excited!!

Going along with that, Jon told me that all he wants for Christmas is a tie, and a lot of pictures of me! So I decided to go downtown Provo and take some pictures!! So I'll share a few when I get them from Lindsey (:

Tomorrow is Saturday, and I get to sleep in cause I don't have to be at work until 10:30 (: Life is just great!

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  1. HI! I noticed that you're writing elder kamae?? the mish i'm writing to is serving in hawaii too!!! i think he even has a picture with elder kamae lol